Happy Friday!

30 October 2015

What a totally weird week it's been.Anyone else have that feeling? Nothing of much significance has happened (like at all) and yet it's felt long and full and totally off kilter. I'm glad it's Friday and that I have a lovely weekend planned.

Tonight me and some of the girls are heading to QOYA in Balham (event here) for a bit of soul nourishment and then it's brunch with Sarah tomorrow and halloweening at ours with Sam and Harriet in the evening. Goblin is our token halloween prop. As per usual!

Sunday will be spent finishing off my first wedding update blog post (it's embarrassing how long it takes for me to write these days), napping, drinking tea, netflixing and eating cake.

Hope you have a wonderful spooky weekend!

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The most adorable guy...

2 October 2015

This blog post is being written to publicly declare that I believe I've bagged the cutest and most thoughtful man in the world. 

And also to declare that on Sunday as he has a whole day of gaming ahead of him I will treat him like a King for the day as a thank you for being wonderful. I'm talking bringing him cups of tea and biscuits when he wants them, making him breakfast in bed, cooking dinner for us both, doing all the ironing and even allowing him to scratch up our floor by bringing the tv cabinet within two feet of the sofa for the ultimate gaming experience. 

You might be thinking WHY would I am going to be doing all of this.. well let me go back a little. 

On Wednesday I woke up at about 5am with horrible cystitis (after a few weeks of being able to nip that twinge in the bud before it happened) and whilst I was in the bath trying to relax, breathe through the pain and meditate Ben was creating a little hub  in the lounge for me. 

I'm talking the FULL WORKS. The sofa was made into a bed, with my teddy Eddy, hot water bottles and all of the pillows, throws and duvets that I could possibly need. 

He lit my favourite incense, put Judge Dredd on (my total fav), made me some yummy fruit water with strawberries, mint and lime, put the laptop within reach (wedding pinning of course) and even got me the nail box as he knows that I love to faff with my nails when i'm not feeling well. 

I nearly cried when he took me through to show me what he had done. 

So. Fucking. Adorable.
Even Goblin stayed with me all day to provide fluffy and warm cuddles when I needed them the most. 
I just can't wait to marry this guy.