16 September 2015

It's half 11 on a Wednesday and i'm sitting on the sofa having just had dippy eggs and yummy Pact coffee for breakfast whilst watching It's Only Sunny in Philadelphia (the best show, bar Friends, that's ever been made)...this is the BEST WEDNESDAY EVER. 

Booking a random Wednesday off to chill with Ben was such a good decision.  

And to top everything off, once I get my ass up and ready, we're heading to Westfield to pick up Ben's wedding ring!!! And totally eat a cinnamon pretzel each. But that's standard Westfield procedure. 

Hump Day winning over here. 

Goblin's favourite human is Ben. Or is he???

5 September 2015

For a long time I've thought that goblin was a Daddy's boy through and through. 
There are many reasons why i've come to this conclusion.

The way that Goblin would NEVER get up unless he could see that Ben was awake. Yeah sure he would acknowledge that I was awake by giving me the stink eye but get up out of his bed (a box of scarves of course. my box of scarves) when I get up? Not a chance. 
The way that when we get home from work he will pester Ben for cuddles. Not me. Always Ben. 

The way that when we're snuggled up on the couch watching a film, he'll climb over me, pausing just for a moment to look me square in the eyes (as a total fuck you i'm sure) and then saunter over onto Ben to lay there and look adorable for a few hours. 
So now you have a picture of the favouritism that happens on a daily basis in our home I can explain what happened this morning...

Ben was off to work today (boo!) so got up early to make himself a coffee.

I scooted over in bed to his side so that he could get up and about easier.

Imagine my surprise when Goblin jumps up on the bed, trots over his favourite human and snuggles up RIGHT ON MY CHEST. 

I was so excited that I made sure Ben capture the moment. 
And it was then I realised that he doesn't favourite BEN. 

He favourites THE SPOT THAT BEN SITS (or sleeps) IN.

Oh how things will change now I know this information. How....things....will....change....

I felt like blogging today...

3 September 2015

I woke up this morning and had quite a clear and concise thought formed: I feel like blogging today. 
Not gonna lie but it was a weird sensation as i'm averaging one blog post every few weeks (if i'm lucky) and it's not felt all that natural for a while now. 

I've even had a few moments of feeling like I should just sack this space in completely and be done with it already. 

But then occasionally I get the pull like I did this morning. That feeling of wanting to write and of wanting to share what's been going on in my world with you all in a rambling, nonsensical way. 

So for now I'm going to stick with it. 
But I've decided to only come here when I absolutely FEEL like it. None of that blogging because I think that I 'should'. Fellow bloggers, i'm sure you know what I mean. There will be no filler posts and no showing up reluctantly and forcing the words to come out.

Just me feeling the pull and going with it. 
So in the spirit of going with it, let me tell you what i'm up to right now. 

I'm snuggled up in a million blankets (hello autumn) with cup of herbal sleepy tea to my right and Ben to my left. Goblin is chasing the tag to my teabag around the room (don't ask) and we're watching Star Wars: Phantom Menace. 

Its perfect.

Not the film though...this Star Wars film is pretty terrible actually, but the rest of it? Absolutely perfect. 

We've done much the same most nights this past week (watched the first Star Wars films) and it's been fucking awesome. I always find the first few months in a new job are super tiring because there's so much to take on and so many people to meet that unless I make a conscious effort to protect my energy I end up feeling depleted pretty darn quick. So this week I've been really easy on myself. A few lavender baths, lots of comforting dinners, the occasional hot water bottle (hello period) and as much sleep as I can get. 

It's been feeling good and that's the point of this all right? Feeling good. 

I'm excited to get cracking on a wedding update post but all this talk of energy preservation and sleep is reminding me that it's past ten already so I must be winding things down about now and getting my ass into bed. My book is calling! 

Night night xxx

*all images found here. I'm giddy about autumn arriving soon.