Cornwall. Tomorrow. Cannot. Wait.

24 July 2015

So...this time tomorrow I'll be in Cornwall... in a house full of Ben's gorgeous family (all 16 of them!)...with a glass of something alcoholic in my hand.


Guys, seriously, Ben and I so so SO need this break away. Apart from a 3 day trip to the Netherlands with my gorgeous family in May, this will be the longest holiday away from the city that we've had in a year and the city is totally getting on my tits now.

I love this city, you know I do, but I always reach a point where I need some space from it and this past week I reached this point with a big fucking bang.

I need some FRESH AIR and time spent larking around in the sea with the team. I need morning sunrise meditation sessions and giggles with everyone with a glass of bubbles in my hand. I need morning lay ins snuggling with Ben before yoga with the girls in the garden. I need time to journal, to connect with my Soul, to feel inspired again to write in this space.

But most of all I need FRESH AIR. And no emails for the whole week of course.

See you on the other side.

(I'll probably be posting updates on Instagram whilst away so catch me over there if you fancy it!)

*all pictures were captured on last year's dream holiday

Scotch & Soda / London Wonderground

16 July 2015

Scotch & Soda.

First up, before I start this review can I say that you  SIMPLY MUST go see it. Book tickets now. Like seriously...You won't regret it. 
Ben and I were lucky enough to be invited to one of the first shows that they had on at the London Wonderground festival and I'm so glad that we cleared our schedule to go because it definitely didn't disappoint. 

Now how to describe the show..
Gravity-defying circus acts, inspiring and unique live music, breathtaking feats that stir disbelief, blinding charm and more soul that you could ever ask for.

Kinda does it justice. The pictures will give you a good idea of what i'm talking about!
Scotch & Soda features circus from some of Australia’s finest acrobats with previous appearances including Cantina, La Clique, Cirque and Tom Tom Crew... all this combined with music from the renowned Crusty Suitcase Band and you have a fascinating and awe inspiring combo.
Oh.. and let's not forget how bloody funny it is. Ben and I both were nearly crying with laughter at some points. The characters in the show are just so brilliantly crafted. Oh and ladies, the moustache game is STRONG in this show if you are anything like me and a total sucker for a moustache! 
So I suppose you wanna know all the details... see below and please please go see this show! We're planning to go again for my birthday treat :)

SCOTCH & SODA At London Wonderground
Tickets from £12.50
Running until 2 August 2015

Suitable for ages 12+

To book phone: 0844 545 8282

7.30pm Tuesday to Sunday
4pm Saturday Matinees
No performances Monday
No performances on 2 June, 14 June, 15 June, 16 June, 17 June, 14 July and 28 July.

My personal tag line / A reflection on Light Is The New Black Book Launch

14 July 2015

Last night was powerful. 

Cracked open, stripped down, risen UP. 

This morning when I opened up Light Is The New Black I said a prayer to call in what I most needed to read/hear/receive...and today that message was to create my own tag line. 

Before I had even finished reading the chapter title I knew. 


I couldn't believe it came to me so quick and strong. 

But you know the kind of feeling I'm talking about ... It's the deep down know in your Heart and your Soul kinda feeling - undeniably DIVINE. 

That's the power of these types of high vibe gatherings, they have the ability to connect you back in to what you've forgotten. 

And I'd forgotten how strong it makes me feel to BE BRAVE by showing my vulnerability, by allowing myself to FEEL what was coming up for me exactly in that moment and to roll with it regardless of how uncomfortable it made me feel. 

The tears streamed down my face uncontrollably and in that moment I felt completely and utterly held by my own bravery in allowing them to come freely. 

My personal tag-line....BE BRAVE.
Be your own kind of BRAVE. 

A Little Life Update

10 July 2015

Oh hi. Remember me??

Well....I got engaged a few weeks ago on Ben's birthday (what a sweetie) and things have been pretty full steam ahead ever since really. 

I've bagged myself a fiance, a new job and a full set of braces (perfect wedding teeth be mine!)...

And a close up of the stunning ring....

I'm one bloody lucky lady right??!

Now things are slowing down a little (I mean honestly - wedding planning isn't that hard...) I'll *fingers crossed* be able to resume my normal pace of blogging.

I'm fully aware that I've been shit lately and am hoping that I can get back in the swing of things again...regain a bit of love for this space. After all, I've been blogging for like 3 years now and it'll be a shame if I just let all this effort go to waste.

So the plan is to put the last six twelve months down as a bit of a 'blogging blip' (everyone has them right? right!!!?) and start up again with some review/recommendation posts of awesome things/places/things we've been up to lately. Also... let's not forget about the post that will be about my experience with braces as an adult. Riveting eh?

Here's to fresh starts and sparkly engagement rings! HAPPY FRIDAY!