Light is The New Black // Rebecca Campbell

30 June 2015

I've started saying a Divine Prayer every time I open Rebecca Campbell's new light filled book "Light is the New Black" for the message that I most need to hear at that very moment.

Today I received the MOST PERFECT MESSAGE for where I am RIGHT NOW.

"No-one has ever had the complete, perfect plan. There is no end destination. There is no right or wrong way to do it and you do NOT need permission from anyone else. Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Forget about the outcome, the plan, and just start now by following one thing that fills you up, that gets you out of bed and you are enthusiastic about. And then reach for another. It doesn't have to make sense - the best things never do."

If you haven't taken a look at this book yet then you really should. It's up there with some of my favorites.

My intention for today: Meditate Golden and Radiate Light. 

On learning to love my body & ponderings on the Universe..

17 June 2015

Lately I've been struggling with my body.

How I feel about it. How I speak to it. How I treat it. How I ignore it. How I abuse it. How I look at it.

It's all become a little overwhelming and has started to permeate most waking moments.

That shows my thighs too much. My love handles are too obvious in this. My bum and thighs aren't toned at all. I can feel them giggle when i walk, I wonder if people notice. Ben mustn't find me sexy with these wobbles... and it goes on and on. A constant monkey mind of nonsense. 

I'm a sensitive and over thinking soul and sometimes it's easier to push back on the things that I know will help, but it's the little steps and the little bumps of Divine Guidance that have come my way the past day or so that have allowed some relief... some space from it all.

This evening I was guided to watch & listen to a few things that have opened me up to a softer experience in my body and my Soul.

These three videos were recommended to me and so I popped my headphones in and opened my heart to their messages..

Kathryn Budig - I am a real woman, and so is every other woman

Alan Watts - The Real You

Alan Watts - You are the Eternal Universe

I let myself soak up EVERY. SINGLE. WORD. Watching these videos was a form of meditation. I cried. I was present and brutally honest with myself about how cruel I was being and how focused on the small things I was getting.

There was the realisation that I was robbing myself of my presence and power. I had been living with no perspective.

I decided to share this all tonight because I feel altered. In the best possible way... in an expanded way, closer to the truth that I already know and had simply forgotten.

I am not my body. I am not my mind. I am connected to something much bigger, more incredible and vast than I can even comprehend. I am connected to the Universe because I AM the Eternal Universe.  I am literally Stardust. 

My body, this vessel, is what carries my soul around in this lifetime.

Being present to the NOW is the only thing that matters.

I know that this is all very spiritual and these thoughts can and will pop back up when my ego is triggered, but my journey of self-love is the practice of connecting back to LOVE, back to connecting back to the vastness of the Universe and the miracle that I am by simply being alive. All it takes is a breath and the decision to choose love instead.
When I choose love for my body, for my life, for the world, for the Universe, I feel FREE.

And I will leave you this evening with this quote...

"When I look up at the night sky and I know that yes, we are part of this universe, we are in this universe, but perhaps more important than both of those facts is that the Universe is in us. 

When I reflect on that fact, I look up – many people feel small because they're small and the Universe is big – but I feel big, because my atoms came from those stars. 

There’s a level of connectivity. 

That’s really what you want in life, you want to feel connected, you want to feel relevant, you want to feel like a participant in the goings on of activities and events around you. That’s precisely what we are, just by being alive…"

- Neil DeGrasse Tyson, The Most Astounding Fact

Radiating Gratitude

11 June 2015

For the sunshine and blue skies today...and the smiles everywhere. For the love, kindness and support that Ben gives me every day. For Goblin. For amazing best friends who listen and are always there for me. For LUSH skincare. For pretty summery nails that make me smile. For good books and inspiring magic creators. For the perspective that looking up at the night sky gives me.

image via here

4 books I've loved recently

10 June 2015

The Rosie Project & The Rosie Effect - These books about Don Tillman, the man who creates 'The Wife Project', a scientific test to find the perfect partner, are heartwarmingly funny and incredibly endearing. There were many a laugh out loud (read: snorting unattractively) moments for me reading these on my commute and I'm rather gutted that I won't be able to discover them for the first time again.

Life After Life - I'm currently halfway through this delight from Kate Atkinson and it's entirely unlike anything i've ever read before. The whole concept is captivating... Ursula Todd re-lives her life again and again, being given an infinite number of chances to change her destiny. Fascinating, witty and compassionate all wrapped up in one.

Light is The New Black - I've only read the sneak peaks that I was sent when I pre-ordered the book but this book from Rebecca Campbell shines bright. An empowering, relatable and soulful read.. I can't wait to get my hands on the whole thing!

Station Eleven - A post-apocalypse that had me on the edge the whole way through. Mainly because I kept thinking "WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO ME IF THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED???" and then swiftly after "BEN! WE NEED TO HAVE A PLAN IN PLACE FOR WHEN THIS HAPPENS!!". Station Eleven is a moving tale which jumps was thrilling and thought provoking in equal measure.

Currently loving

9 June 2015

♥ Florence + the Machine's new album. Stunning. Have been playing this on repeat for days now. Not even remotely bored of it yet.

♥ Game of Thrones. Ben insisted that we re-watch it from the beginning so i'm expecting to be  caught up to the current season in approx six years time. My knowledge though will be ON POINT! 

♥ LUSH's fresh face mask in Sacred Truth. I was sold at 'sacred' let alone the promise of glowy skin...but seriously though...glowy. skin.

♥ Plans this Thursday & Friday that mean we get to hang with some of our favourite people (Alex, Laura, Fonzy and Becky) and plans this weekend that mean we get to hang out with some of my other favourite family! 

♥  Giving Goblin catnip. Seeing him fling himself off of his scratching post never gets less than hilarious. Watching him rub his face on the table where the bag of catnip was.. even funnier. 

♥  Babbling on with this random post as I swig on my (rather large) glass of red, realising that this blog is now a place of nonsense, interspersed with pictures of Goblin. I'm pretty chilled about that. Could be the wine, could also be the fact, would you look at that, I don't remember what I was gonna say. That wine's gone straight to my head! 

A little facelift!

8 June 2015

Two things you might be able to tell before I even begin...
I never find time to blog at weekends. This whole 'lets blog every day in June thing' now excludes weekends. 

Secondly, my little old blog has had a big of a facelift. I've been feeling like it needs a freshen up for a while but just haven't gotten round to it. Lucky for me I've got a super talented, arty farty, creative type for a boyfriend who happens to be a dab hand at these kind of things. Isn't he good?

I'm even thinking of charging him out! Anyone who needs a new blog header - shoot me an email/tweet and we can see what we can do.

Now all of that is out of the way, let me show you my new favourite pictures of Goblin. I present to you, the cheekiest expressions he's ever given us:

These were taken just after he had finished hoovering up the catnip we'd given him. 

He wanted more. Two catnip feeds and we've created a fully fledged addict.

Great parents we are. 

5 ways to win my heart & some goblin news!

5 June 2015

So....after proclaiming that I was going to blog every day in June I totally failed. I thought I'd scheduled a post ready to go but in fact I had fudged that up completely and it just never happened. 

Well done Nic.

From now on I am writing these allllll live as I don't trust blogger anymore. So much for planning. 

As it's no longer #tbt (throwback thursday for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about) it doesn't make sense to just post what I had for yesterday so here goes nothing... 

5 ways to win my heart

♥ Chocolate. No-brainer.

♥ Having Ben leave a card for me in my diary after a particular shitty day a while back to tell me he loves me. 

♥ Having those kind of conversations that make you feel seen, fully seen, in all my messy and perfect glory. 

♥ Impromptu dance parties (my favourite at the moment is Florence's new album).

♥ Spending time outside with the sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs. Anywhere will do but take me to the beach and I'll be grinning for days.

In other news, I set up a facebook page for GOBLIN!! 
If you fancy it head over here and give him some love ♥

How I deal with feeling flat/sad/angry (insert icky feeling here)

3 June 2015

Just a message today to remind you that it's okay to feel flat. It's okay to feel despair, hopelessness and fury. It's okay to feel less than perfect, a little frumpy or overwhelmed with sadness. 

The way through is to honor it, to feel it fully when it comes up. 

Don't suppress and avoid. 

I felt most of these this things at about 8am this morning when I got a notification from my bank telling me that I had less than no money left for the month. 

I interpreted this as worthlessness and failure. 

I felt it all, I let all the junk and all those icky stories come up. I gave them space to express themselves and then after a minute or so those intense feelings passed and in place of their intensity I was left with space to create a new interpretation

For me it's a little like a thunder storm. All that intensity, noise and energy and when it clears? A beautiful rainbow. 

Money is just energy. It doesn't reflect my self worth. It's a lesson that I will continue to learn until it sticks. 

I work hard and live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, I have a full social life. Sometimes these things are to be expected. It means nothing in terms of how much I love myself...I know that now. 

The reminder from the Universe?

This too shall pass.

Sat Nam x

My First Love(s)

2 June 2015

I've had many first loves. Things, people, foods, places, moments... the list goes on and on. Here are just two of them.

My Teddy Eddy.
Anyone who knows me well enough won't be surprised by this first one.

Eddy is just about the most reliable man that I have ever known. I've had him since I was a baby and he has traveled the world with me since.

Actually, that's not entirely true right now as I was banned from travelling internationally with him when I forgot him in a Motel 6 in the U.S and my Dad had to take a hundred mile round trip back to the motel to collect him. I cried for DAYS when I thought I lost him. It was fun for no-one on the holiday.

I was about 17.

And that sad fact either shows how much I love him or how much I needed to get a boyfriend.

The jury is still out on that one.

My sister
I can put my sister in here right?

She technically counts as one of my first loves as I thought she was pretty cool from the moment she was born and at the time my capacity for love was limited to Eddy (see above) my Mum and my Dad.

My life has been made all the much funnier, ridiculous and lovely for having Tash as my sister.

One aspect of our relationship that I love the most is the pictures that we Whatsapp each other on a regular basis. This gems is one of them.
What a stunner.

p.s Sis-wa...aren't you gutted you don't have a blog for all those silly photos of me to be put on!

p.p.s I'm secretly a bit jealous as I don't look half that nice first thing brushing my teeth.