My plans for Hump-day evening

20 May 2015


Teaching a little meditation and yoga to my soul sister, Laura.

Pondering about this "Spring" weather and how it throws my wardrobe into chaos on a daily basis.

Finishing this book

Thinking about this program and how beautiful Cillian Murphey's face is.

Gratitude for the thunder storm that happened yesterday. I can totally accept rain if there's a thunder storm to go with it! After all, I've wanted a storm ALL winter and I finally got one! Thanks Mother Nature.

Floating with excitement that we are off to Cornwall for our summer holiday and The Cotswolds for Christmas.

Packing for this weekend away in The Netherlands. Attempting to streamline what I consider to be my beauty 'essentials'.

A successful Wednesday in my books.

LIFE IS LIVED IN THE SMALL MOMENTS - a reflection of wholehearted living, prayer & intention

8 May 2015

“You are imperfect, you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging.” 

- Brene Brown 

I come back to this book time and time again because Wholehearted Living is a practice, not a onetime choice. 

Today as I sat on the tube on the way to work I said a Prayer and set my intention for the day. 

That intention? 

To come from a place of love and openness in everything that I do. 

That Prayer?

Well that's between me and the Universe. 

Emails to colleagues, awareness of my body and my breath when sat at my desk, spreadsheet frustrations, chats with strangers, reading my book, having a dance party on my yoga mat this morning & then in the toilet at work.... IT ALL COUNTS. 

Life is lived in the small moments.

Why? Because it's the small moments that count. 

It's the small moments that are the ones that people remember. It's the random moments of kindness, the conversations had with openness and courage that make the most impact. 

Friendships and relationships are defined by these small moments. 

Our world is DEFINED by these moments. 

Don't waste it. 
*image source unknown