A Thursday morning lesson in 'adulting'....

5 November 2015

So.... Funny story....

This morning I nearly lost my precious right toes at Oxford Circus station. Honest to God.

Story is I got near the top of the escalator someone tried to slot in on the step behind me so being the nice person that I am I shuffled forward... a little too far forward it turns out. 

The escalator grabbed my shoe like a fat kid grabs cake. Viscously.

After the sheer panic I immediately felt I managed to ungracefully yank my foot out of my shoe and watched as the escalator maliciously chewed up my shoe. The reason for the panic? Simply put, I like my toes and didn't want them all fucked up. Also who has time for a trip to A&E??? Places to go, meetings to be had. 

Anyway, back to the story....A lovely and very quick thinking guy yanked my shoe out and handed it back to a completely flabbergasted me. I was just standing there looking blankly at my bare foot wondering what the fuck was happening. 

I thanked him, you know being a nice person, promptly took off my other shoe and walked to work. So very bohemian. In the rain no less. 

I get to work and THANKFULLY my boss has an entire box of shoes by her desk! And her feet are the same size as mine. So I wear some crazy comfy trainers until I manage to find 10 minutes to run to Office and use up the rest of my birthday voucher on some sparkly new converse. 

I'm not sure why i've rambled on about this and well done for getting this far but you know people need to know that escalators are EVIL and love to snatch toes when they can. 

Lesson learnt. I need to adult more. 


  1. That's funny! I remember seeing a guy on the train a few weeks ago without shoes and I thought he was just choosing a different way of living (shoe free), perhaps he had just fallen victim to the Oxford Circus escalator shoe monster too!

  2. That's is terrifying... you hear so many horror stories about escalators! It's also very sad because those were cute shoes :(

  3. This made me shudder. I've been petrified of escalators since I got my hair caught in one... And can we just focus on the fact that your boss has a box of shoes by her desk?! Crazy/amazing. X

  4. Growing up, I always had a fear of the point where you step off the escalator....always thinking that it would suck my feet under those littler tooth-y bits. Fast forward to last weekend when I was stood on one with my 2 year old niece, looking back on how silly I was and how escalators could never do that....

    This post has brought my back to reality. Escalators are evil! x

    Lorna | Lorna, literally

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