Happy Friday!

30 October 2015

What a totally weird week it's been.Anyone else have that feeling? Nothing of much significance has happened (like at all) and yet it's felt long and full and totally off kilter. I'm glad it's Friday and that I have a lovely weekend planned.

Tonight me and some of the girls are heading to QOYA in Balham (event here) for a bit of soul nourishment and then it's brunch with Sarah tomorrow and halloweening at ours with Sam and Harriet in the evening. Goblin is our token halloween prop. As per usual!

Sunday will be spent finishing off my first wedding update blog post (it's embarrassing how long it takes for me to write these days), napping, drinking tea, netflixing and eating cake.

Hope you have a wonderful spooky weekend!

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  1. I've felt the same about this week strangely, my mood has gone so up and down that it feels a relief to be at the weekend. Have a perfect Halloween weekend :) xx

    Wander with Laura


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