Goblin's favourite human is Ben. Or is he???

5 September 2015

For a long time I've thought that goblin was a Daddy's boy through and through. 
There are many reasons why i've come to this conclusion.

The way that Goblin would NEVER get up unless he could see that Ben was awake. Yeah sure he would acknowledge that I was awake by giving me the stink eye but get up out of his bed (a box of scarves of course. my box of scarves) when I get up? Not a chance. 
The way that when we get home from work he will pester Ben for cuddles. Not me. Always Ben. 

The way that when we're snuggled up on the couch watching a film, he'll climb over me, pausing just for a moment to look me square in the eyes (as a total fuck you i'm sure) and then saunter over onto Ben to lay there and look adorable for a few hours. 
So now you have a picture of the favouritism that happens on a daily basis in our home I can explain what happened this morning...

Ben was off to work today (boo!) so got up early to make himself a coffee.

I scooted over in bed to his side so that he could get up and about easier.

Imagine my surprise when Goblin jumps up on the bed, trots over his favourite human and snuggles up RIGHT ON MY CHEST. 

I was so excited that I made sure Ben capture the moment. 
And it was then I realised that he doesn't favourite BEN. 

He favourites THE SPOT THAT BEN SITS (or sleeps) IN.

Oh how things will change now I know this information. How....things....will....change....


  1. My husband can sympathise with you greatlyl! Darn cats...

  2. Just started reading your blog! I showed this post to my boyfriend, it made us laugh. He's in the same situation as you, our kitten will only come to me for cuddles. He's currently employing your method but to no avail...

  3. my husband + I go back & forth on who our cat + dog prefers. I'm convinced they both prefer me ;) depends on the day, or the minute. I guess they're time they pick one of us over the other probably evens out in the end ..

  4. I love this post, it made me smile and all the pics are adorable. Goblin is a cutie :D
    Our cat Molli really prefers male beings, so whenever Keith and I sit on the couch together Molli will choose his lap. But I think throughout the day it's quite even. I can't say I don't get enough attention, he's spoiling us with love :D It does make me smile how you figured out to get some snuggles in with Goblin :) :)

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