16 September 2015

It's half 11 on a Wednesday and i'm sitting on the sofa having just had dippy eggs and yummy Pact coffee for breakfast whilst watching It's Only Sunny in Philadelphia (the best show, bar Friends, that's ever been made)...this is the BEST WEDNESDAY EVER. 

Booking a random Wednesday off to chill with Ben was such a good decision.  

And to top everything off, once I get my ass up and ready, we're heading to Westfield to pick up Ben's wedding ring!!! And totally eat a cinnamon pretzel each. But that's standard Westfield procedure. 

Hump Day winning over here. 


  1. My favourite TV show ever, so so funny :) Lucky you, sounds like the perfect rainy day.

    Rosie xx

  2. I've watched the entire series twice now lol. 100% greatest show ever. My brother and I sometimes imitate the whole Dee/Dennis banter (I shouldn't admit to that but we have a pretty bizarre dynamic). I want to see your braces update! I get mine off in December! Woop woop :)


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