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24 August 2015

THINKING about the weekend just gone and how going to the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch has ruined all future cinema trips. Dang. Seriously though... if you are a Londoner and haven't been you REALLY need to.

WEARING all black. Because its summer and I live in England.

ENJOYING the grey skies and endless rain. Oh and sleepy Monday mornings.

MAKING plans for the day off that Ben and I have in September.

EATING. Always.

DRINKING water and cucumber. Wishing it was a G&T instead. Too early though?

FEELING like the funk that came on yesterday afternoon is here for a few more days yet. Thanks hormones.

NEEDING to stop looking at my latest tat refresh. Matt Stopps is ah-mazing.

WANTING my lunch. Wanna know a secret? I've had two breakfasts today. And I'm still hungry....Hormones can be a bitch sometimes. Oh and to realllly get back on this blogging train at some point.

LISTENING to Mumford & Sons. Their newest album is GOLDEN and I've barely listened to anything else since I got back from Cornwall.

WISHING that it was October next year already and I was getting married already! p.s bought my wedding dress the other week. Anyone wanna read a bit of a wedding bits update? 


  1. Yes to the wedding updates!

  2. Yes to wedding updates ! I love a bit of wedding talk ;)


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