Something that I need to work on..

4 August 2015

*totally unrelated picture of my two favourite boys... 

After a late night wrestle convo with Ben yesterday I've decided *drum roll please* that I need to work on letting the little things go more. 

Not the 'little important things' such as but just the 'little things'. 


Let me give you an example 


Ben and I are getting ready for bed...face washing, teeth cleaning, general faffing around and the such. Ben stands his toothbrush back on the side and goes to leave the bathroom. 

Whoa there Mister. Where'd you think you're going?


The fucking audacity. 

Problem is Ben has realised my outrage subtle anxiety and is completely hell bent on having his toothbrush outside of the designated toothbrush holder all night. 

Just to clarify...he's decided that's where it's going and I'm not allowed to move it. 

Remember this post? Same thing. 

Territorial, stubborn ass Ben rears his head again and i'm escorted out of the bathroom watched like a hawk in case I make a dive to put it back in it's rightful place. 

After being escorted to bed, Ben and I then have a lengthy chat and giggle about my silly little idiosyncrasies and the need to let go stupid things like where toothbrushes NEED to be kept in the bathroom (even if it makes perfect sense to me). 

I agree.. I will make an effort to not let these silly little things bother me anymore. 

We go to sleep. 

I dream of toothbrush holders. 

**end scene**

And that's why i'm marrying him. 

Because he teaches me important lessons like "don't sweat the small stuff" in a way that actually relates to me rather than reading words on some pinterest and thinking "oooh I should probably do that..".

So thanks Ben. You're a star.

Lesson learnt. 

Now put your toothbrush back where it belongs. 

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  1. But, really, put it where it belongs, Ben!

    I'm right there with you-- some (major) things don't bother me, but little stuff like that? WATCH OUT. It might be OCD in my case. It probably is since just reading that he didn't put it in the holder, gave me a little anxiety.

    This is why I'm single!


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