Scotch & Soda / London Wonderground

16 July 2015

Scotch & Soda.

First up, before I start this review can I say that you  SIMPLY MUST go see it. Book tickets now. Like seriously...You won't regret it. 
Ben and I were lucky enough to be invited to one of the first shows that they had on at the London Wonderground festival and I'm so glad that we cleared our schedule to go because it definitely didn't disappoint. 

Now how to describe the show..
Gravity-defying circus acts, inspiring and unique live music, breathtaking feats that stir disbelief, blinding charm and more soul that you could ever ask for.

Kinda does it justice. The pictures will give you a good idea of what i'm talking about!
Scotch & Soda features circus from some of Australia’s finest acrobats with previous appearances including Cantina, La Clique, Cirque and Tom Tom Crew... all this combined with music from the renowned Crusty Suitcase Band and you have a fascinating and awe inspiring combo.
Oh.. and let's not forget how bloody funny it is. Ben and I both were nearly crying with laughter at some points. The characters in the show are just so brilliantly crafted. Oh and ladies, the moustache game is STRONG in this show if you are anything like me and a total sucker for a moustache! 
So I suppose you wanna know all the details... see below and please please go see this show! We're planning to go again for my birthday treat :)

SCOTCH & SODA At London Wonderground
Tickets from £12.50
Running until 2 August 2015

Suitable for ages 12+

To book phone: 0844 545 8282

7.30pm Tuesday to Sunday
4pm Saturday Matinees
No performances Monday
No performances on 2 June, 14 June, 15 June, 16 June, 17 June, 14 July and 28 July.

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