My personal tag line / A reflection on Light Is The New Black Book Launch

14 July 2015

Last night was powerful. 

Cracked open, stripped down, risen UP. 

This morning when I opened up Light Is The New Black I said a prayer to call in what I most needed to read/hear/receive...and today that message was to create my own tag line. 

Before I had even finished reading the chapter title I knew. 


I couldn't believe it came to me so quick and strong. 

But you know the kind of feeling I'm talking about ... It's the deep down know in your Heart and your Soul kinda feeling - undeniably DIVINE. 

That's the power of these types of high vibe gatherings, they have the ability to connect you back in to what you've forgotten. 

And I'd forgotten how strong it makes me feel to BE BRAVE by showing my vulnerability, by allowing myself to FEEL what was coming up for me exactly in that moment and to roll with it regardless of how uncomfortable it made me feel. 

The tears streamed down my face uncontrollably and in that moment I felt completely and utterly held by my own bravery in allowing them to come freely. 

My personal tag-line....BE BRAVE.
Be your own kind of BRAVE. 

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