Cornwall. Tomorrow. Cannot. Wait.

24 July 2015

So...this time tomorrow I'll be in Cornwall... in a house full of Ben's gorgeous family (all 16 of them!)...with a glass of something alcoholic in my hand.


Guys, seriously, Ben and I so so SO need this break away. Apart from a 3 day trip to the Netherlands with my gorgeous family in May, this will be the longest holiday away from the city that we've had in a year and the city is totally getting on my tits now.

I love this city, you know I do, but I always reach a point where I need some space from it and this past week I reached this point with a big fucking bang.

I need some FRESH AIR and time spent larking around in the sea with the team. I need morning sunrise meditation sessions and giggles with everyone with a glass of bubbles in my hand. I need morning lay ins snuggling with Ben before yoga with the girls in the garden. I need time to journal, to connect with my Soul, to feel inspired again to write in this space.

But most of all I need FRESH AIR. And no emails for the whole week of course.

See you on the other side.

(I'll probably be posting updates on Instagram whilst away so catch me over there if you fancy it!)

*all pictures were captured on last year's dream holiday


  1. That us one of the joys of London - being able to escape easily - have a fabulous week!

  2. I know exactly what you mean, I was yearning to escape to the sea but I only made it to west wittering! Cornwall is my favourite place, hope it's a smashing trip! Katie x

  3. Have a lovely time <3


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