Light is The New Black // Rebecca Campbell

30 June 2015

I've started saying a Divine Prayer every time I open Rebecca Campbell's new light filled book "Light is the New Black" for the message that I most need to hear at that very moment.

Today I received the MOST PERFECT MESSAGE for where I am RIGHT NOW.

"No-one has ever had the complete, perfect plan. There is no end destination. There is no right or wrong way to do it and you do NOT need permission from anyone else. Don't put so much pressure on yourself.

Forget about the outcome, the plan, and just start now by following one thing that fills you up, that gets you out of bed and you are enthusiastic about. And then reach for another. It doesn't have to make sense - the best things never do."

If you haven't taken a look at this book yet then you really should. It's up there with some of my favorites.

My intention for today: Meditate Golden and Radiate Light. 

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