How I deal with feeling flat/sad/angry (insert icky feeling here)

3 June 2015

Just a message today to remind you that it's okay to feel flat. It's okay to feel despair, hopelessness and fury. It's okay to feel less than perfect, a little frumpy or overwhelmed with sadness. 

The way through is to honor it, to feel it fully when it comes up. 

Don't suppress and avoid. 

I felt most of these this things at about 8am this morning when I got a notification from my bank telling me that I had less than no money left for the month. 

I interpreted this as worthlessness and failure. 

I felt it all, I let all the junk and all those icky stories come up. I gave them space to express themselves and then after a minute or so those intense feelings passed and in place of their intensity I was left with space to create a new interpretation

For me it's a little like a thunder storm. All that intensity, noise and energy and when it clears? A beautiful rainbow. 

Money is just energy. It doesn't reflect my self worth. It's a lesson that I will continue to learn until it sticks. 

I work hard and live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, I have a full social life. Sometimes these things are to be expected. It means nothing in terms of how much I love myself...I know that now. 

The reminder from the Universe?

This too shall pass.

Sat Nam x

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