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9 June 2015

♥ Florence + the Machine's new album. Stunning. Have been playing this on repeat for days now. Not even remotely bored of it yet.

♥ Game of Thrones. Ben insisted that we re-watch it from the beginning so i'm expecting to be  caught up to the current season in approx six years time. My knowledge though will be ON POINT! 

♥ LUSH's fresh face mask in Sacred Truth. I was sold at 'sacred' let alone the promise of glowy skin...but seriously though...glowy. skin.

♥ Plans this Thursday & Friday that mean we get to hang with some of our favourite people (Alex, Laura, Fonzy and Becky) and plans this weekend that mean we get to hang out with some of my other favourite family! 

♥  Giving Goblin catnip. Seeing him fling himself off of his scratching post never gets less than hilarious. Watching him rub his face on the table where the bag of catnip was.. even funnier. 

♥  Babbling on with this random post as I swig on my (rather large) glass of red, realising that this blog is now a place of nonsense, interspersed with pictures of Goblin. I'm pretty chilled about that. Could be the wine, could also be the fact, would you look at that, I don't remember what I was gonna say. That wine's gone straight to my head! 

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  1. Florence's new album <33 I can't stop listening to it!

    I love giving catnip to my cats- they lose their minds and provide me with hours of entrainment.

    And now I want some wine...


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