A little facelift!

8 June 2015

Two things you might be able to tell before I even begin...
I never find time to blog at weekends. This whole 'lets blog every day in June thing' now excludes weekends. 

Secondly, my little old blog has had a big of a facelift. I've been feeling like it needs a freshen up for a while but just haven't gotten round to it. Lucky for me I've got a super talented, arty farty, creative type for a boyfriend who happens to be a dab hand at these kind of things. Isn't he good?

I'm even thinking of charging him out! Anyone who needs a new blog header - shoot me an email/tweet and we can see what we can do.

Now all of that is out of the way, let me show you my new favourite pictures of Goblin. I present to you, the cheekiest expressions he's ever given us:

These were taken just after he had finished hoovering up the catnip we'd given him. 

He wanted more. Two catnip feeds and we've created a fully fledged addict.

Great parents we are. 


  1. I love the new header, it looks fab! Goblin's like "my precious, where is the precious catnip!" lol. Unique name for a cat by the way, I love it! Our kittens called Kovu (named after the lion in the Lion King 2) haha :)

    Gemma x (A UK Lifestyle Blog)

  2. Fabulous new header <3 <3


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