5 ways to win my heart & some goblin news!

5 June 2015

So....after proclaiming that I was going to blog every day in June I totally failed. I thought I'd scheduled a post ready to go but in fact I had fudged that up completely and it just never happened. 

Well done Nic.

From now on I am writing these allllll live as I don't trust blogger anymore. So much for planning. 

As it's no longer #tbt (throwback thursday for those of you who don't know what i'm talking about) it doesn't make sense to just post what I had for yesterday so here goes nothing... 

5 ways to win my heart

♥ Chocolate. No-brainer.

♥ Having Ben leave a card for me in my diary after a particular shitty day a while back to tell me he loves me. 

♥ Having those kind of conversations that make you feel seen, fully seen, in all my messy and perfect glory. 

♥ Impromptu dance parties (my favourite at the moment is Florence's new album).

♥ Spending time outside with the sun on my face and fresh air in my lungs. Anywhere will do but take me to the beach and I'll be grinning for days.

In other news, I set up a facebook page for GOBLIN!! 
If you fancy it head over here and give him some love ♥

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  1. The new Florence album is amazing for dance parties && Goblin is the cutest <3


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