Some late night musings about Oneness & Unity

13 April 2015

The places I find myself on the internet always make me smile.

This evening as I was looking for Prayers to the Goddess Laki, I came across the Witches of The Craft website and The Ordains (The Witches Laws)...

A few of them really struck a cord and I thought it might be nice to share them here.

"Watch, listen and withhold judgment; in debate let your silences be long, your thoughts clear and your words carefully chosen"

"Witches know that we are all one, we are all connected"

"Witches realize that the energy created through worship and rituals manifests as a circular stream of positive energy"

These kind of truths are everywhere.

This's all the same message in different forms, from different people, from different schools of thought.
I am a Witch. 
I am a Goddess. 

It feels like a sublime approach to opening up to the world.
We are all one. 

Deep Exhale. 

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