Getting to know me a little more...

28 March 2015

After the radio silence that has plagued my blog for what seems like forever, I thought that a good way back on the metaphorical horse would be to let you all know a little more about me. As I was tagged by the gorgeous Carly to answer the following questions it made life a little easier for me!

And as an extra treat I've put together some of my favourite all time pictures to entertain further throughout! Starting with this beautiful example... 
Four names that people call me other than my real name:
Jo Biggity Bo 
Just for clarification.. those last three are Ben's favourite names for me. Family and friends usually stick to the much simpler Nic!  
Four movies I have watched more than once:
Samsara. Nothing else I've watched has come close to being as poignant as this film. The perfect hangover film.
Judge Dredd. I've watched this film no less than 10 just never seems to get old. 
Melancholia. Haunting and shot beautifully. Will have you thinking about it for days. 
17 Again. Zac Efron. I know, I know, I's pervy but he really is just SO gorgeous. 
Four books I’d recommend:
World War Z by Max Brooks. This book has started more conversations with the Parsons boys than I care to remember. It also made me seriously re-think my survival plan for when the zombies actually do arrive. 
Miracles NOW by Gabby Bernstein. 
The Desire Map by Danielle La Porte. Game changer. Made me re-evaluate how I relate to myself, to my world and to my goals. 
A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. A sobering and inspiring read.
Four jobs I have had (not counting current job):
Data Entry. Maybe the most boring job I have EVER had. Although I did get good at typing numbers in SUPER quick. 
Skin-care specialist for Clarins. I worked with the most gorgeous bunch of girls at Peter Jones and I have the fondest memories of those years. 
Corporate Receptionist. Not such an exciting role but worked with Sylwia who has become one of my closest friends. 
Yoga Teacher. The most inspiring work I've done.
Four places I have lived:
Coggeshall, Essex. I mainly remember Coggeshall because it's where I went over the top of my Postman Pat bike and smashed my teeth in. Great times had by all. 
Lexden, Colchester. The younger school years. 
Eight Ash Green. The teenage school and college years. Always will be home for me.
Balham, London. The place I live now with my own little family. 
Four places I've been:
America - all over. 
Four places I wouldn't mind being right now:
Sitting in the kitchen of the wellness retreat I taught yoga on last year with Carly. We had one of the most inspiring and poignant conversations of my life that night. 
On a beach. Anywhere. 
Exploring a new city with Ben, having no plans whatsoever and letting the day lead us to discover new things. 
In a spa, having treatments with my girls like we did last weekend. 
Four things I don’t eat:
Oysters. Like big slimy bogies.
Celery. Tastes like washing up liquid to me.
I would say that's about it. Put something on a plate and I will try it! 
Four of my favourite foods:
Does wine count? Yup, wine counts. 
Four TV shows I watch:
Vikings. Travis Fimmel. Mmmmm.
Black Sails. Sweaty handsome pirates and I'm sold. 
Game of Thrones (even if we are a season behind).
Four things I'm looking forward to this year:
Robyn and Tim's wedding in May. Oh my, I am SO excited about this. 
Spending a week in Cornwall with the whole of Ben's family (all 20 or so of us!). A house by the beach, a bbq, some wine, afternoons spent larking around in the sea... my idea of a perfect holiday! 
Getting my next tattoo. Soooo excited for this one. 
Planning a long weekend in the Lake District with Ben....any recommendations please send my way! 
Four things I’m always saying:
"Bring me the chocolate treats"
"Look at this picture of Goblin..he is the cutest don't you think?" 
"Cuddles?" (mainly to Ben or my sister)
"Bring me the wine"



  1. I'm glad you're back! Xx

  2. You know, I've also had a job entering the data, I've worked in the post office. I worked there for a couple of summers and it's definitely not the most exciting job but I became super good at typing quickly! However, being a yoga instructor sounds like one of the most exciting jobs to have!
    I really liked this post :)

  3. That picture of Goblin is the CUTEST! xx

  4. Zac Efron in 17 Again....phewwwww! xx

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. I recently finished A Thousand Splendid Suns. Was a really good and educational read. Have you ever read Life of Pi? I just finished it and loved it !! I must also check out the movies on your list. I love finding great films :) So glad the yoga teaching is going well for you x


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