Diary of a thirteen year old girl / Part One

10 February 2015

That up there is my diary. More precisely, my diary from when I was thirteen.

Because I laughed myself to the point of tears when I re-read it, I thought why not share it here with you too? Surely that wouldn't be embarrassing and cringe worthy at all? Right??

Well here goes nothing...entry number one:

Dear Diary, 
Today we are seeing 2 houses! We might buy one of the. We might move from this house! I will write after each one. 
House 1. Well.. you have to imagine it all cleared out and me and Tash will fight over the rooms but I will win. I can sooooo imagine living there. 
House 2 (if we see it). 
Well we didn't see it in the end. 
Got 2 go. 
Nicci x

What a completely fascinating life I lead! Moving swiftly on to more exciting events...

Dear Diary, 
Well we had school today and it was so boring, I just shut my brain right off. We're going to see a house later because we might buy it. COOL. I hope I like it. 
Got 2 go. 
Nicci x

Holy shiiiit... riveting stuff eh?
You'll be glad to know that things started getting a little more interesting.

Enter boys.

Dear Diary,
I asked Richard out yesterday and he said no! 
I respect that even though I really like him - that's life! Becky is ringing him in a mo to tell him to turn his phone on. I went to her house tonight and it's quite nice.
Becky and Dave r going to the cinema on sat and I was hoping that Richard could come, but he can't. Ne way. 
Gotta go, luv Nicci x

'Richard' is my gay best friend. He is LOVELY and I think back when I was thirteen we had only just met. Twelve years later he's still a massive part of my life but it's safe to say that when we were thirteen he hadn't come out and I was completely fucking oblivious.

Other people that feature in this series:
'Becky' was a friend from school.
'Dave' was her boyfriend.
'Steph' was my best friend for the whole of school until she moved away. We still meet up every few years and I have sooo many lovely memories with her. She also lived only a few doors down which meant we spent A LOT of time together.

Getting back to my exciting life, you'll be glad to know that Richard turned his phone on after that evening which brings us to the next entry....

Dear Diary, 
I might be going to the cinema tomo with Richard, Steph, Dave and Becky and it'll be really cool. I really fancy Richard and I am still gutted abit but he sent me a message saying:

"If I woz gonna go out with some 1 it would definitely b u but I don't wan 2 go out wit ne1 rite now. luv Rich x (p.s plz dont b mad @ me" (and a rose!!!!)

That is so cool he put a rose @ the end! p.s I think Steph fancies Richard too. Ohoohh...
Gotta Go. 
Nicci x

I told you things would get interesting. Kind of.

Next time... more drama, more boys, a kiss (thankfully nothing to do with me) and thoughts on friendship.

Let me know what you think and if you would like to hear more embarrassing entries!?


  1. Oh gosh, 13 year old you was so cute && you still are!

  2. Did you buy the house? If so, who won the fight for the room?! I wish I'd kept diaries from when I was a younger because I'm a hoot now, I can only imagine what I would have been like then!

    Sammy xo.

  3. I used to have all those stickers on my old tv
    great post x


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