My world lately - a picture catch-up!

24 January 2015

1. Christmas day walk in Gunnersbury Park 
2. Date night screamy faces with Biscuit 
3. London looking sparkly and bright 

1. Christmas Day selfies
2. The next big boy band - One Direction better watch out
3. My two favourite boys!
4. Hyde Park at sunset 

1. Frowny Parsons boys
2. Christmas market wanderings 
3. The Thames looking beautiful 
4. Selfie selfie selfie

1. Elf, snuggled up with treats - how Christmas should be played out!
2. Always looking up at the sky
3. The Parsons girlfriends club...sponsored by wine

1. Winkie and H-bum
2. If you want the rainbow you've got to put up with the rain 
3. Reindeer Joe 

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