My skin-care routine

28 January 2015

Over the past few months I've simplified my skincare routine and what you see above is pretty much it in its entirety.
As you can see, i'm a huge LUSH fan and it's the only brand that I am using at the moment. The thing I love most about LUSH? The fact that their products feel good when you use them. Full of goodness, no yucky chemicals and completely cruelty free.
Exactly what I want from my skin-care.

Let me run you through the products that I use...

First up? Cleanser.

Angels on Bare Skin (link here)
I'd used this a few years ago and knew that when I was switching to LUSH it would be the first thing that I'd pick up. It's ever so slightly exfoliating due to the ground almonds in there but it's incredibly soothing and calming, perfect for morning and night. After I've taken off the bulk of my make-up (i'm using this at the moment - I got a tester to try!) I smoosh the paste between my hands with a drop of water and then massage it over my whole face, paying special attention to my t-zone (works wonders in minimising blackheads). Once I've rinsed it all off my skin is sparkling clean with none of that stripped feeling normal face washes can give you!

Eau Roma Water (link here)
I haven't always used toner, never really knowing if it was actually doing anything any or not but this one has pleasantly surprised me. Suitable for even the most sensitive skins, this formula reduces redness, hydrates and refreshes the skin. I usually spray some onto a cotton pad and smooth over my face to remove any last traces of cleanser and prep the skin for serum and moisturiser. I've also used a few spritzes of this if my skin needs a bit of a perking up throughout the day - works really well!

Full of Grace - not pictured (link here)
This gem is a solid serum bar which gets warmed up between my fingers and then slathered on my face every night before my moisturiser. It's deeply moisturising and really gives an extra bit of oomph and nourishment in these dreary winter months!

Imperialis (link here)
I was recommended this moisturiser by the lovely advisor in the store as it's a brilliant all rounder for skins that are pretty normal and so far i've been loving it. It acts as a nice base for make-up; not too heavy, not too light and really balances out my skin throughout the day and even through those monthly hormone fluctuations. No more horrible breakouts for me.

Dream Cream (link here)
Simply the best body cream that I've ever used. Hands down. And in my time working at Clarins I tried A LOT of them - high end brands, drugstore brands and everything in between. This one takes the top prize though. Hands down! Cooling, nourishing, sinks in like a dream, brilliant for eczema and soothing if you ever get any skin niggles... I couldn't recommend this any higher.

No Drought (link here)
This stuff is the best dry shampoo out there and believe me when I say that i've tried loads of them! Simply massage the powder into the scalp and your hair and then brush it out. Voila. Clean hair that smells of grapefruit and lime and general yummyness. It's not sticky like a lot of other spray aerosol ones on the market and actually keeps the hair clean for the whole day (I always found my hair would be extra greasy a few hours after using spray ones, more so than usual).

I'm also a regular user of all LUSH's bath bombs, shower gels and soaps but there's no way that I could pick favourites so for now lets assume I love them all.

What are your skincare favourites at the moment?

Anyway, that's enough from me this evening.. hope you are having a lovely one!


  1. The cleanser sounds really lovely, I haven't tried anything from Lush before apart from Snow Fairy and the Butterball but I'd definitely like to very soon xo

  2. These products must be applied to the skin every skin because the features that you have provided in it are unique and physiotherapist can tell you the better method to apply that on skin.

  3. So far i haven’t tried anything from the Lush skincare range but I would like to try out the Angels on Bare Skin and Dream Cream. I had got the expert advice regarding my acne skin issues at which really helped to improve my acne prone skin and now I use products after doctors recommendation.


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