3 things I've loved lately

25 January 2015


I'm gotta start with this:

Serial. The podcast. It's SO GOOD. Like...I've listened to 7 episodes already and I started this morning kinda good. 

If you haven't heard of it already, Serial is a podcast investigation into the 1999 murder of Hae Min Lee, an 18 year old student in Maryland (US) and the man convicted of murdering her, an ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed. The host of the show, Sarah Koenig speaks with officials, friends, investigators and relatives to figure out whether Adnan actually committed the crime. 

It's exciting, brilliantly told and unlike anything I have ever listened to before so get involved! 


Moving onto Ben Howard. 
I've got pretty much all of the music that he's ever made on my 'Joe's Favourites' Spotify playlist and i've played it most mornings for weeks now, much to Ben's frustration. It's smooth, easy to listen to and perfect for bath time! 

// A BOOK 

I was gifted this book for Christmas and it totally really blew me away. I was hooked within the first few pages and finished it within a few days, not being able to put it down! I was thinking about what I liked most about this book earlier but I love pretty much everything; the characters, the plot, the twists etc.. all of it. If you are a lover of crime thrillers then this book is definitely worth a read. 

Any podcasts, music or books you've read lately that I should know about?


  1. Serial is amazing. I'm so sad the season is over, but so glad they found the funding for a second season!

  2. You just reminded me to listen to Serial. I'm only on ep 3 and I'm hooked!

  3. Well there you are!

    I loved Serial - I think I listened to the entire podcast in roughly 24 hours. I need to go back and listen again. But I'd be curious to know your thoughts!

    I haven't gotten into any other podcasts (yet), I'm hardcore into any song with a banjo, and I'm re-reading Mindy Kaling's book!


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