10 things you really didn't need to know about me..

29 January 2015

1. I've started re-watching The Walking Dead and watched the whole first season yesterday. Yup that's right, all in one day. I'll blame my head cold and hormones for that one, but once again I've become obsessed by zombies. Time to read World War Z again? I think to, need all the help I can get considering I think I would be one of the first to be 'got' by Zombies. 

2. I'm currently unemployed and looking for a new job (one which lights. me. up.) which might explain why I was able to watch season one all in one day, on a Wednesday. Know of any exciting PA jobs? Send them my way! 

3. I am OBSESSED with the moon, with the clouds in the sky, with the beauty of this world. The grandness of the Universe used to make me feel small but now it makes me feel privileged, supported and full of possibility. 

4. This video blew my mind. See number 3.

5. Ben and I will have been together FIVE years this August. Geesh!

6. I've lost hope that we will ever be able to own a home in London. Simply out of the question. Unless we win a substantial amount of money. Which you know, is unlikely. 

7. I, like Alissa, have one foot that is slightly bigger than the other which makes shoe shopping rather frustrating sometimes! 

8. I have recently discovered that I have a 3 day limit of being by myself - thanks unemployment! I like my own company and am fine spending a day or two alone but I totally LOVE being around people on the whole. Working from home by myself? Unless I have another two cats and a dog for company, it's not going to happen. 

9. This afternoon I'm going to go explore a few of my favourite museums. Having a gander at my own pace, in my own time? Bring it on. 

10. I've never shot a gun but it's on my bucket list alongside seeing the Northern Lights, staying in a beach hut on a beautiful beach for my honeymoon and living by the sea. The sea, the sea, the sea... most of my bucket list involves the sea! 

*idea for this blog post shamelessly stolen from Alissa


  1. Lovely post :-) Number 6 is the main reason that my other half and me shipped out to the Middle East - it was literally the only way we could think of to save enough money to come home with a deposit. Sort it out London!!

    Polly xx
    Follow Your Sunshine

  2. I'm the same, I work from home and it leaves me really depressed and my insecurities start after a couple of days. I've been given an office as part of a bursary until March, but don't know what I'll do after that! I'm actually laying down and looking at the clouds now. I can lose hours this way! Good luck on the job hunt x

  3. Yesss The Walking Dead! Season 1 was so good (we'll just forget about season 2 because wasn't great).

    Me and Liam just passed our 5 year anniversary, it seems so grown up to be in a relationship for so long! But in a good way :)

    Hope you manage to find the perfect job soon! x

  4. The Walking Dead <3 I love that show so much. Season one was truly a gift, as is Andrew Lincoln.

    Good luck with the job search!

  5. Nice getting to know you :) Did you see the ice ring around the moon last night? T'was right up your street x


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