Wedding Planning: Part 1

8 November 2015

I've decided that much like everything else, wedding planning is as relaxed or as stressful as you make it.

It's been 139 days since we got engaged and in that time we've pretty much settled all the big stuff. I suppose being a PA and a natural organiser means that for us, so far, this whole process has felt incredibly fun and pretty darn easy.

We made a conscious effort from the get go to infuse the WHOLE process with love and attention and easy breezy feels.

So far, so good.

First thing on the agenda was getting a date in the diary as I didn't feel like I could get started until this was done and I wanted to get started god damn it!! Things were thrown slightly off my schedul because i'd just had my braces put on and they'd be firmly glued onto my chompers until next Summer.

Autumn 16' it was then.

Also, as a lot of my immediate family are teachers I wanted to aim for a school holiday so that I can selfishly have my sister around for the few days before. You know... so I can legitimately boss her around and get manicures and fun girly stuff like that!

After we took that all that stuff into consideration we were left with the 29th October 2016 ! LESS THAN A YEAR NOW! Fuuuuuuuuck. Autumn Wedding be mine. 

We've actually known where we wanted to have our ceremony and reception for a while, so once we had a date it was more a case of checking availability and putting down our deposits. After putting together a rough guest list we checked with our venues re numbers and booked ourselves in.


We only had a few requirements for choosing and finalising venues. Somewhere near where we live to keep things personal and meaningful for us. Somewhere non-religious for the ceremony, but still beautiful. Somewhere relaxed for the reception so that people could let their hair down! Thankfully we've chosen somewhere that ticks all the boxes! Bring on venue styling!!

(just an fyi this is a picture of a dress that looks absolutely nothing like mine) 

The most important part of this whole thing. Obviously.

Wedding dress shopping was the MOST fun. I must have tried on about 50 dresses and legit liked all but maybe 2 of them (fish-tail dresses are just not my jam... how do people walk in them???)...

Anyway, after about the 50th dress it actually started to become a little frustrating as I had absolutely no barometer of what style looked nicest, what didn't, what I liked the most, what would be the most suited to our day, what would be down right idea.

I'd gotten to the point of "well I like this one so I might as well buy it as it's just a bloody dress anyway" on about 6 of them.

But then I tried on a dress that made me FEEL amazing. I even said 'fuuuuuck' once it was pinned up.

And then a veil was put on me. 

Holy schmoly.

That was it. I rang Ben and it was bought.

Crazy excited doesn't even begin to cover how I feel about it.

I've since bought my accessories; shoes, cape etc and so on the 'outfit' front I'm covered. Ben next!

And.... that feels like enough wedding chat for today don't you think?

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A Thursday morning lesson in 'adulting'....

5 November 2015

So.... Funny story....

This morning I nearly lost my precious right toes at Oxford Circus station. Honest to God.

Story is I got near the top of the escalator someone tried to slot in on the step behind me so being the nice person that I am I shuffled forward... a little too far forward it turns out. 

The escalator grabbed my shoe like a fat kid grabs cake. Viscously.

After the sheer panic I immediately felt I managed to ungracefully yank my foot out of my shoe and watched as the escalator maliciously chewed up my shoe. The reason for the panic? Simply put, I like my toes and didn't want them all fucked up. Also who has time for a trip to A&E??? Places to go, meetings to be had. 

Anyway, back to the story....A lovely and very quick thinking guy yanked my shoe out and handed it back to a completely flabbergasted me. I was just standing there looking blankly at my bare foot wondering what the fuck was happening. 

I thanked him, you know being a nice person, promptly took off my other shoe and walked to work. So very bohemian. In the rain no less. 

I get to work and THANKFULLY my boss has an entire box of shoes by her desk! And her feet are the same size as mine. So I wear some crazy comfy trainers until I manage to find 10 minutes to run to Office and use up the rest of my birthday voucher on some sparkly new converse. 

I'm not sure why i've rambled on about this and well done for getting this far but you know people need to know that escalators are EVIL and love to snatch toes when they can. 

Lesson learnt. I need to adult more. 

Happy Friday!

30 October 2015

What a totally weird week it's been.Anyone else have that feeling? Nothing of much significance has happened (like at all) and yet it's felt long and full and totally off kilter. I'm glad it's Friday and that I have a lovely weekend planned.

Tonight me and some of the girls are heading to QOYA in Balham (event here) for a bit of soul nourishment and then it's brunch with Sarah tomorrow and halloweening at ours with Sam and Harriet in the evening. Goblin is our token halloween prop. As per usual!

Sunday will be spent finishing off my first wedding update blog post (it's embarrassing how long it takes for me to write these days), napping, drinking tea, netflixing and eating cake.

Hope you have a wonderful spooky weekend!

image here

The most adorable guy...

2 October 2015

This blog post is being written to publicly declare that I believe I've bagged the cutest and most thoughtful man in the world. 

And also to declare that on Sunday as he has a whole day of gaming ahead of him I will treat him like a King for the day as a thank you for being wonderful. I'm talking bringing him cups of tea and biscuits when he wants them, making him breakfast in bed, cooking dinner for us both, doing all the ironing and even allowing him to scratch up our floor by bringing the tv cabinet within two feet of the sofa for the ultimate gaming experience. 

You might be thinking WHY would I am going to be doing all of this.. well let me go back a little. 

On Wednesday I woke up at about 5am with horrible cystitis (after a few weeks of being able to nip that twinge in the bud before it happened) and whilst I was in the bath trying to relax, breathe through the pain and meditate Ben was creating a little hub  in the lounge for me. 

I'm talking the FULL WORKS. The sofa was made into a bed, with my teddy Eddy, hot water bottles and all of the pillows, throws and duvets that I could possibly need. 

He lit my favourite incense, put Judge Dredd on (my total fav), made me some yummy fruit water with strawberries, mint and lime, put the laptop within reach (wedding pinning of course) and even got me the nail box as he knows that I love to faff with my nails when i'm not feeling well. 

I nearly cried when he took me through to show me what he had done. 

So. Fucking. Adorable.
Even Goblin stayed with me all day to provide fluffy and warm cuddles when I needed them the most. 
I just can't wait to marry this guy. 


16 September 2015

It's half 11 on a Wednesday and i'm sitting on the sofa having just had dippy eggs and yummy Pact coffee for breakfast whilst watching It's Only Sunny in Philadelphia (the best show, bar Friends, that's ever been made)...this is the BEST WEDNESDAY EVER. 

Booking a random Wednesday off to chill with Ben was such a good decision.  

And to top everything off, once I get my ass up and ready, we're heading to Westfield to pick up Ben's wedding ring!!! And totally eat a cinnamon pretzel each. But that's standard Westfield procedure. 

Hump Day winning over here. 

Goblin's favourite human is Ben. Or is he???

5 September 2015

For a long time I've thought that goblin was a Daddy's boy through and through. 
There are many reasons why i've come to this conclusion.

The way that Goblin would NEVER get up unless he could see that Ben was awake. Yeah sure he would acknowledge that I was awake by giving me the stink eye but get up out of his bed (a box of scarves of course. my box of scarves) when I get up? Not a chance. 
The way that when we get home from work he will pester Ben for cuddles. Not me. Always Ben. 

The way that when we're snuggled up on the couch watching a film, he'll climb over me, pausing just for a moment to look me square in the eyes (as a total fuck you i'm sure) and then saunter over onto Ben to lay there and look adorable for a few hours. 
So now you have a picture of the favouritism that happens on a daily basis in our home I can explain what happened this morning...

Ben was off to work today (boo!) so got up early to make himself a coffee.

I scooted over in bed to his side so that he could get up and about easier.

Imagine my surprise when Goblin jumps up on the bed, trots over his favourite human and snuggles up RIGHT ON MY CHEST. 

I was so excited that I made sure Ben capture the moment. 
And it was then I realised that he doesn't favourite BEN. 

He favourites THE SPOT THAT BEN SITS (or sleeps) IN.

Oh how things will change now I know this information. How....things....will....change....

I felt like blogging today...

3 September 2015

I woke up this morning and had quite a clear and concise thought formed: I feel like blogging today. 
Not gonna lie but it was a weird sensation as i'm averaging one blog post every few weeks (if i'm lucky) and it's not felt all that natural for a while now. 

I've even had a few moments of feeling like I should just sack this space in completely and be done with it already. 

But then occasionally I get the pull like I did this morning. That feeling of wanting to write and of wanting to share what's been going on in my world with you all in a rambling, nonsensical way. 

So for now I'm going to stick with it. 
But I've decided to only come here when I absolutely FEEL like it. None of that blogging because I think that I 'should'. Fellow bloggers, i'm sure you know what I mean. There will be no filler posts and no showing up reluctantly and forcing the words to come out.

Just me feeling the pull and going with it. 
So in the spirit of going with it, let me tell you what i'm up to right now. 

I'm snuggled up in a million blankets (hello autumn) with cup of herbal sleepy tea to my right and Ben to my left. Goblin is chasing the tag to my teabag around the room (don't ask) and we're watching Star Wars: Phantom Menace. 

Its perfect.

Not the film though...this Star Wars film is pretty terrible actually, but the rest of it? Absolutely perfect. 

We've done much the same most nights this past week (watched the first Star Wars films) and it's been fucking awesome. I always find the first few months in a new job are super tiring because there's so much to take on and so many people to meet that unless I make a conscious effort to protect my energy I end up feeling depleted pretty darn quick. So this week I've been really easy on myself. A few lavender baths, lots of comforting dinners, the occasional hot water bottle (hello period) and as much sleep as I can get. 

It's been feeling good and that's the point of this all right? Feeling good. 

I'm excited to get cracking on a wedding update post but all this talk of energy preservation and sleep is reminding me that it's past ten already so I must be winding things down about now and getting my ass into bed. My book is calling! 

Night night xxx

*all images found here. I'm giddy about autumn arriving soon. 

What happened at the weekend and what's currently happening right now..

24 August 2015

THINKING about the weekend just gone and how going to the Electric Cinema in Shoreditch has ruined all future cinema trips. Dang. Seriously though... if you are a Londoner and haven't been you REALLY need to.

WEARING all black. Because its summer and I live in England.

ENJOYING the grey skies and endless rain. Oh and sleepy Monday mornings.

MAKING plans for the day off that Ben and I have in September.

EATING. Always.

DRINKING water and cucumber. Wishing it was a G&T instead. Too early though?

FEELING like the funk that came on yesterday afternoon is here for a few more days yet. Thanks hormones.

NEEDING to stop looking at my latest tat refresh. Matt Stopps is ah-mazing.

WANTING my lunch. Wanna know a secret? I've had two breakfasts today. And I'm still hungry....Hormones can be a bitch sometimes. Oh and to realllly get back on this blogging train at some point.

LISTENING to Mumford & Sons. Their newest album is GOLDEN and I've barely listened to anything else since I got back from Cornwall.

WISHING that it was October next year already and I was getting married already! p.s bought my wedding dress the other week. Anyone wanna read a bit of a wedding bits update? 

A picture diary of the loveliest holiday in Cornwall!

Something that I need to work on..

4 August 2015

*totally unrelated picture of my two favourite boys... 

After a late night wrestle convo with Ben yesterday I've decided *drum roll please* that I need to work on letting the little things go more. 

Not the 'little important things' such as but just the 'little things'. 


Let me give you an example 


Ben and I are getting ready for bed...face washing, teeth cleaning, general faffing around and the such. Ben stands his toothbrush back on the side and goes to leave the bathroom. 

Whoa there Mister. Where'd you think you're going?


The fucking audacity. 

Problem is Ben has realised my outrage subtle anxiety and is completely hell bent on having his toothbrush outside of the designated toothbrush holder all night. 

Just to clarify...he's decided that's where it's going and I'm not allowed to move it. 

Remember this post? Same thing. 

Territorial, stubborn ass Ben rears his head again and i'm escorted out of the bathroom watched like a hawk in case I make a dive to put it back in it's rightful place. 

After being escorted to bed, Ben and I then have a lengthy chat and giggle about my silly little idiosyncrasies and the need to let go stupid things like where toothbrushes NEED to be kept in the bathroom (even if it makes perfect sense to me). 

I agree.. I will make an effort to not let these silly little things bother me anymore. 

We go to sleep. 

I dream of toothbrush holders. 

**end scene**

And that's why i'm marrying him. 

Because he teaches me important lessons like "don't sweat the small stuff" in a way that actually relates to me rather than reading words on some pinterest and thinking "oooh I should probably do that..".

So thanks Ben. You're a star.

Lesson learnt. 

Now put your toothbrush back where it belongs. 

Cornwall. Tomorrow. Cannot. Wait.

24 July 2015

So...this time tomorrow I'll be in Cornwall... in a house full of Ben's gorgeous family (all 16 of them!)...with a glass of something alcoholic in my hand.


Guys, seriously, Ben and I so so SO need this break away. Apart from a 3 day trip to the Netherlands with my gorgeous family in May, this will be the longest holiday away from the city that we've had in a year and the city is totally getting on my tits now.

I love this city, you know I do, but I always reach a point where I need some space from it and this past week I reached this point with a big fucking bang.

I need some FRESH AIR and time spent larking around in the sea with the team. I need morning sunrise meditation sessions and giggles with everyone with a glass of bubbles in my hand. I need morning lay ins snuggling with Ben before yoga with the girls in the garden. I need time to journal, to connect with my Soul, to feel inspired again to write in this space.

But most of all I need FRESH AIR. And no emails for the whole week of course.

See you on the other side.

(I'll probably be posting updates on Instagram whilst away so catch me over there if you fancy it!)

*all pictures were captured on last year's dream holiday

Scotch & Soda / London Wonderground

16 July 2015

Scotch & Soda.

First up, before I start this review can I say that you  SIMPLY MUST go see it. Book tickets now. Like seriously...You won't regret it. 
Ben and I were lucky enough to be invited to one of the first shows that they had on at the London Wonderground festival and I'm so glad that we cleared our schedule to go because it definitely didn't disappoint. 

Now how to describe the show..
Gravity-defying circus acts, inspiring and unique live music, breathtaking feats that stir disbelief, blinding charm and more soul that you could ever ask for.

Kinda does it justice. The pictures will give you a good idea of what i'm talking about!
Scotch & Soda features circus from some of Australia’s finest acrobats with previous appearances including Cantina, La Clique, Cirque and Tom Tom Crew... all this combined with music from the renowned Crusty Suitcase Band and you have a fascinating and awe inspiring combo.
Oh.. and let's not forget how bloody funny it is. Ben and I both were nearly crying with laughter at some points. The characters in the show are just so brilliantly crafted. Oh and ladies, the moustache game is STRONG in this show if you are anything like me and a total sucker for a moustache! 
So I suppose you wanna know all the details... see below and please please go see this show! We're planning to go again for my birthday treat :)

SCOTCH & SODA At London Wonderground
Tickets from £12.50
Running until 2 August 2015

Suitable for ages 12+

To book phone: 0844 545 8282

7.30pm Tuesday to Sunday
4pm Saturday Matinees
No performances Monday
No performances on 2 June, 14 June, 15 June, 16 June, 17 June, 14 July and 28 July.