A relaxed Friday night in...

5 December 2014

I'm writing this to you from my super snuggly sofa with the twinkle of the christmas tree lights in the corner, The Fall on the tv (its SO good guys, seriously!) and Goblin curled up under the tree. All of this in my book means that for me it's a pretty perfect Friday night!

This year has FLOWN by and I'm making sure to be as mindful as I can this Christmas season with everything ramping up like it usually does this time of year. Relaxed nights like this do wonders for keeping me calm and balanced, something that I always feel I need more of when Christmas is over! 

So for now, I'm going to close the laptop, make myself a cup of peppermint and liquorice tea and lay my ass back down on the sofa. Namaste folks. 

Oh Hi December!

1 December 2014

This weekend was spent doing lots yoga, having fun little dates with Ben and ultimately getting really excited about Christmas. 

The tree is going up this evening which means there will be Christmas music, mulled wine and a cheeky Goblin running around...

Bring on home time I say!!

Aw, look at how happy he looks.. three presents down, a bazillion to go!