Taking stock

16 November 2014

Drinking: Hot peppermint and liqourice tea. Soothing and sweet.
Watching: The Fall, season I haven't moved from the sofa all day I've managed the whole first season.. sooo good! 
Wanting: A hot water bottle to magically appear on my tummy without me getting up to do it. I'm feeling so incredibly lazy.
Smelling: My new sandalwood Vila Hermanos candle. Nothing creates a cosier vibe than candles and cosy is what I am needing right now.
Wishing: Christmas was here already. Is it okay to want that already?
Loving: The relationship that Ben and I have nurtured the past 4 and a half years.
Hoping: That 2015 is better than 2014.
Needing: A Clarins facial, a year and a half is much too long between facials. fact.
Feeling: Really rather poorly. I've had a relentless cough the past week which isn't easing up - hence the lack of doing anything at all this weekend!
Wearing: Ben's jumper, abercrombie sweats snuggly socks and a huge comfy throw.
Reading: High by Tara Bliss - such a soulful book.
Missing: These two cheeky boys!


5 November 2014

Peace begins with me.


My prayer. My mantra. My truth.