Radiating gratitude..

25 September 2014

For the most invigorating, explorative and juicy yoga class I’ve had in ages.  For Craig, our teacher, guiding me to get out of my head and into my wobbly and tense body. I floated home and had SO MUCH FUN. 

For choosing kindness towards myself as my intention to the practice and fulfilling my intention. Especially after such a flap filled weekend. 

For Ben being a sweetheart and having dinner ready for us when I got home. Pie and mash is always a winner. 

For Dairy Milk Bubbles with White Chocolate. Because it’s bloody delicious. 

For being assisted up into my first ever forearm stand this evening!

For breathing big and deep in Pigeon pose and receiving an AMAZING assist which meant that my expression of the pose was the deepest I’ve ever experienced

For meditating on feeling GOLDEN.   

For having a fluff ball that makes me smile every single bloody day. Goblin is definitely the cheekiest Goblin out there! 

The perks of having a grotty cold

18 September 2014

One aspect of my Sacred Self Care practice is that I always make a concerted effort to see the silver lining in everything that happens in my life. The gift in the struggle, the lessons that I need to learn when things are tough, the growth that comes from resistance... you know the stuff, the hard stuff, where the magic happens. And this morning I realised that after a sleepless night thanks to my grotty cold, that this was no exception. So I present to you the perks of having a grotty cold.

Vicks VapoRub makes for a great cheek highlighter. Wanting glowy skin? Reach for Vicks. Make sure not too much on or put it too high up on your cheekbones though, getting the vapor too close to your eyes is a bitch. Trust me.

Wearing zilch make-up for two days is liberating and allows your skin to do it's thing...breathe free with no junk on it.

Meditating whilst not being able to breathe through my nose has been the perfect way to grow my practice.  Witnessing the resistance crop up was a mirror to the other areas of my life I give up all too soon. Honoring the commitment that I made to myself feels expansive and juicy good.

Being unable to do even the simplest of inversions (Downward Facing Dog) and feeling like I need a good stretch i've had to improvise. Yoga in bed to the rescue. I think this might be one of my favourite things. Watch this space soon for some of my favourite bed yoga poses.

Getting to read more of I AM PILGRIM than I usually would. So far it's bloody awesome.

Now of course this all runs much deeper than having nice glowy cheeks and spending a few days in bed. It's about tuning in and giving my body what it really needs when it's feeling run down. It's about giving my body love and attention, giving it time space to heal. After all, our bodies are precious things.

Positive Vibes

17 September 2014

This morning as I was sniffling away in bed, gulping my medicine and feeling pretty sorry for myself I decided that it was probably best if I spent a bit of time with my head in OM Yoga Magazine (which has always been a sure fire way to perk me right up). 

Low and behold I come across an article entitled "Positive Vibes - Seven steps to the feel good factor".

Thanking the Universe (it's always ALWAYS spot on) and thinking that I could really do with some of that amidst my snotty nose situation I got to reading. 

Two of the seven steps screamed out at me.  Dance and Focus on the present. I'm gonna share how I bring these high vibing steps to life. 

Trust me on this one. When I'm in a funk the surest way that will get me out of my head and into my body and having fun is a dance party for one. I shut the door on my yoga room, put on some of my favourite tunes (this, this, this and this are my favs) and go for it. 

I LET EVERYTHING GO and I don't give a damn what I look like in the process. 

All I care about is what feels good. And dance is the perfect way to do this. 

Now take yourself off and have a dance party. 

Focus on the present. 
If you've read my blog for any length of time then you'll know that I'm a massive advocate for meditation and mindfulness. My meditation practice is how I remain connected to the present moment and it's in the present moment that I'm most powerful. 

It is in the present moment that you are most powerful. 

If you haven't tried meditation before then a simple way to try it is through the Headspace app or you could even head to Innerspace in Covent Garden for free guided meditations!

Fancy finding out the other steps?? Head over here and have a read for yourself! 

Love & Light x

Disclaimer: The awesome people at Om Yoga Magazine have given me a free online subscription in return for me occasionally sharing articles in the magazine here on Our Little Balham Life. This article was inspired by an article I read in the magazine. Image found here

A few of my favourite things...

10 September 2014

This article - an inspiring and insightful take on the Wisdom of Uncertainty.

The Wonders of the Universe. This program has been blowing my mind over the past few days. Over the last few weeks I've become increasingly interested in learning more about where we come from...the Stars, the Solar System, the Universe, the Moon. The vastness of the Universe makes me feel secure, safe, powerful.
Also... Brian Cox...making science sexxxxyyy.

This project.

My facial skin care regime is solely consisting of Liz Earle goodies now. Their Cleanse & Polish? Life changing.

This article. 
"I’m wondering what might be different in our lives if we prayed for the space in our lives to be human."
Oh Mara. You gem.

Booking myself onto some of the upcoming The Expression Sessions run by Claire Arnott. Abstract Watercolour Painting? Yes please!

Day dreaming about living here, getting married in this and meditating here.

Looking forward to this launch.

A journal extract - on giving myself space to listen in

5 September 2014

I had blogger open for an hour earlier to write a post. I wrote nothing except "I want to blog but I don't know what to write..".

Fast forward to now, I'm in bed, I've Ben snuggled up next to me, Goblin is running around like a cat possessed and I've just done 15 minutes of Headspace meditation. Those 15 minutes kick started something in me, they inspired me and I thought instead of writing some nonsense about "blah blah i've been busy blah" I would instead share my journal entry. You see, most times after I've meditated I reflect on my experience and usually write in my journal anything that has come up. It's a practice that we were encouraged to do on our Yoga Teacher Training and one that has stuck like glue since because it's so bloody insightful.

So here goes...

15 minutes. At first I was restless, fidgety, distracted, unfocused and bored...even considering giving up entirely and settling into my book instead. But then I realised like a slap in the face that on TT I'd been up against far worst and yet I still honoured myself and my practice by showing up, getting over it and sticking it out regardless. I could have given up but I knew that I would be lying to myself and the disappointment would sit in me, giving me reason after reason not to trust myself. Nope. I would be sticking this one out. 

I was going to LISTEN IN. 
So what did I hear? 

I heard and felt that I hadn't been breathing deeply and soundly for days. There was a belief of lack instead of abundance and this was showing up in my short and shallow breaths. Surrendering to the fact that I was going to be there for 15 minutes meant that I could LET GO this belief of lack. 

I heard, crystal clear, that underneath my harsh judgements and criticisms of myself that I AM WORTH LOVE AND TRUST. It wasn't something that I thought. It was something that I felt. Deep down in my heart and Soul. All that crap was what it says on the tin. Crap. 

I heard and then felt tears running down my cheeks.This was the sadness that I felt for the part of me that feels somewhat lost at the moment: my "yogi side". I met the sadness with love and the knowledge that I define what Yoga means to me in the context of my life. Yoga to me is being mindful of my highly sensitive nature and of my energy. It is breathing deeply and fully. It is stretching and moving in a way that feels GOOD TO ME. Most importantly though it is realising that when I haven't been doing these things, taking a body check-in and then meeting that moment with LOVE AND COMPASSION and not fear and judgement for 'not being good enough or doing enough'. 

I heard that my life has changed. Dramatically. And that it's taken a path that was unexpected and uncomfortable for a while. I'm not teaching yoga full time, I haven't written that eBook that I know is in there waiting to be birthed, I'm not making waves to having a flexible and free-range career. But what I am doing now is learning and growing and being challenged. Every single day. And this FEELS EXPANSIVE. It feels good. And feeling good is the primary intention remember (hint to Danielle LaPorte there!). The last four months I have busted through what I believed to be my capabilities and for that I am fucking proud. My Yoga and meditation practice keeps me rooted from a place of love whilst I explore what the Universe has given me - after all, I set my intention for growth this year and oh my did the Universe deliver! 

This year has been BIG. My biggest yet and I am loving every single shiny moment.