Grateful for...

14 August 2014

The beautiful couple of weekends that I've had away lately. That picture up there? Cornwall last weekend. Stunning.

The clarity that my meditation practice gave me this evening. I've started the Headspace journey from scratch to get back on track with my practice and compassion is what's seeing me through.

Sitting here watching 'Thanks for Sharing' with Goblin snuggled on my lap. |'ve missed him so much whilst we were away.

The excitement I'm feeling about seeing all my friends this Saturday night for my Birthday Drinks.

Having lovely pretty toes thanks to my sister and her UV lamp.

This article. Love love love.

My new water glass with giraffe's all over it.

Noticing and accepting that it's totally okay to feel sad and that it's not because I am a bad person or that I am a failure. I am love. That's all there is to say.

Introjuicing with Curry's!

4 August 2014

A few weeks ago I attended the "Curry's Intro to Juicing" event for bloggers, hosted by the lovely team at Greenlight Digital and I loved it!

An evening of nutrition tips, making your own juices and hanging out with bloggers... what isn't to love?

The evening started with everyone mingling around looking at the sparkly new Phillip's juicer that Curry's were showcasing at the event and resisting nibbling at the spread of fruit and veg laid out for us!

Before we were invited to dive in, we were given a talk by Derry Temple from Urban Kings Gym all about the benefits and downfalls of juicing.

The main thing to remember when juicing?? Juice more veggies than fruit. Keep the sugar levels down.

After the talk, we were let loose to make our own juices!! Mine was DELICIOUS. I literally shoved all of the veg that I could grab in it with a few apples to sweeten it up.

After the juice making fest, we were all invited to take part in a fitness class run by Derry - which I couldn't make in the end due to timings but I have heard pretty good things from all the other girls that went!

And the cherry on top? I finally got to meet Rebecca from p0larmilk and we had a brilliant, honest and insightful chat about all things life related. Such a wonderful, beautiful woman. Second cherry on top? We were all gifted a 2 in 1 Phillips blender!! Look out for the review when it arrives!

THANK YOU so much to Curry's and the great Joe's Bloggers team at Greenlight Digital for an informative and entertaining evening!