As you can see...

29 January 2014

Packing is going well...
I'll spare you the pictures that I took of the rest of the flat as they're utterly tragic.
Instead today I'll show you some pictures of our new little home! We went over there last night to measure some spaces and see how things are progressing on decorating wise and we couldn't be happier! Here it is...
This is the living room...
My favourite part of this room is the fireplace and shelving. I can't wait to get my hands on arranging them, adorning the fire place with candles and incense, putting up all of my yoga books and giraffe's. We ordered this rug for in here as we wanted something quite funky and I think that it will bring a lot of our furniture together.
This is the kitchen, but that was pretty obvious right?
Those tiles. That tap. That cabinet. Those drawers. Swoon. Oh and we have a little balcony too. Hello mini herb garden!!
This is our bedroom. There are actually two of those cupboards (one on the other side of the room) which means that we don't need to fork out for wardrobes or share hanging space! Bonus! In terms of furniture, last night we bought this bed and this chest of drawers. Keeping things nice and simple in here.
And this room I left for last because it is my favourite. My own little yoga studio. Gosh, I can't tell you how thankful I am to Ben for letting me have this room and how excited I am to get my hands on it and start crafting my own little sacred space. Exciting times!!!
Once we are all in and things are starting to settle I'll post a few more pictures!
Now, time to start psyching myself up for the mess and packing that will be commencing in about 3hrs time. Anyone wanna take over?

If there is one thing you MUST go's this.

28 January 2014

I won't say too much as this film is really something you just need to experience for yourself but I will say that you need to watch it properly.
No distractions, no chitter chatter, no smooching, turned up nice and loud with a big mug of tea or glass of wine in hand.
Why am I telling you to do this?? Because it deserves your full attention. It really does.
*all images sourced from here

Carving out a little time.

23 January 2014

Earlier this week, Ben and I carved ourselves out a free evening. Just us, taking it easy, wandering around Central London, mooching and shopping and eating.
It was just what we needed after things being so busy busy busy around here. Just taking a few hours for ourselves upped our energy for the rest of the week.
(which was MUCH needed)
We headed to Byron for hearty burgers followed by some delicious desserts.
As per usual, Ben wasn't too happy about being told to "STOP" and "PAUSE" whilst I took a picture for this blog right here.
On the other hand, I had a few minutes spare to pause and take a pic before I ate every last bit of this slightly warm and gooey brownie.
We dragged ourselves home and went straight to bed to sleep off our meals!
In other news, our flat is looking MUCH less than perfect at the moment whilst we pack everything away. If there is one thing I cannot stand, it's living in a messy, unorganised space.
Case and point:
And that was just 10minutes in.
Bring on next Friday already! New space, new start!! Exciting!!

Like a pig in sh*t

21 January 2014

This is what my evenings, weekends, lunch breaks and commutes look like at the moment.

A whole lot of yoga, expansion, meditation, reading (obviously - have you seen all of those books!?!), learning, questioning, journalling, some chanting thrown in for good measure and a little more reading.

And when I'm not knee-deep in all of this, you'll find me on my mat, moving, breathing, sweating and exploring.

When I'm not reading or on my mat you will find me packing up our gorgeous little flat in preparation for our move into an even more gorgeous (and much bigger) flat at the end of the month.

It's all rather brilliant. It feels good. Hard to balance and a little overwhelming at times yes, but good none the less.

I'll be taking this blog a little easy in the next few months in order to give myself the space that I need to fully show up throughout my training and get all of this juicy change feeling as good as I possibly can! 2014 is proving to be quite the year already!!

Love to you all xxx

A last minute date night..

15 January 2014

Saturday night, 6pm. I'd just gotten home from my inspiring day at the Project Hot B*tch Workshop and into my pyjamas when I threw out the idea that we should go have ourselves an impromptu date night. As I'd been hankering Ben to go to my favourite thai (The Peppertree in Clapham) for weeks he relented and we put on our finest clothes and headed out. Last minute dates are the best!
It's a bit odd now that I would regard leggings, my favourite comfy wedge trainers and a vest top as my 'finest clothes' but that's what comes from wearing yoga pants all the time. How things have changed. It's all about being comfortable people.
After thai (unfortunately not pictured as it was one of those yummy meals you just don't waste time taking pictures of) we headed for a glass of wine at a nearby bar and then back down to Balham for dessert at Hagen & Hyde.
As you can see... dessert was amazing. I had to beg to take a picture of the dessert as Ben wanted to get stuck in. As you can see....he wasn't best pleased...
I however was happy as a bug after all the comfy clothes, thai food, red wine and dessert. Going somewhere specifically to just have dessert? Favourite new tradition!!
These kind of nights are gonna be a little sparse for the next few months as things are being ramped up big time. Lots of change. Lots of commitments.
We actually counted this morning (don't ask why) and realised that we don't have a weekend together, just us two, for another 10 weeks. TEN WEEKS.
Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Right. RIGHT???  Tell me that's true eh!!!

In preperaton for the awesomeness that will be February

13 January 2014

I've been doing A LOT of reading lately and A LOT of yoga. Things are being ramped up around these parts as I go into full preparation mode for my course that starts next month and I would be lying if I said that I wasn't really scared or feeling completely unprepared right now.
But every time I feel a little overwhelmed I make sure to bring myself back to my WOTY (word of the year). I take a moment to connect to my breath, let myself feel those feelings fully and then exhale it all out. I journal, I roll out my mat, I move, I meditate, I talk it through with Ben...I do what feels good and nourishing. And I do it without apology.
Finding EASE isn't always easy (especially when you have a full schedule) but it is ALWAYS AN OPTION. It's a choice that I make that creates freedom in my life and it's a choice that I need to keep making throughout the year. I'm choosing ease over stress and 'not enough time -itus'.
And lastly, I've discovered the perfect treat to go alongside all of this preparation. Delicious  raw chocolate coconut milk yogurts from COYO. Heavenly. Thank you to my gorgeous friend Robyn who introduced me to them!!
p.s Don't forget to enter my giveaway over here for a chance to win a pair of London Retro glasses!!

A giveaway with MyOptique & London Retro glasses!

9 January 2014

I'm not a huge accessories (or fashion for that matter) kind of girl. I have my favourite jewellery pieces (hello diamond earrings) which I wear most days but all of the other "accessory stuff" I don't bother with.

Glasses however, they're my favourite.

Always have been. Always will be.

So when MyOptique got in contact with me and asked if I would like to review a pair of London Retro glasses I don't think I've ever replied to an email faster! I'd been on the scout for a third pair of glasses for a while already and kept seeing the gorgeous brand London Retro creep up all over the place so I took this as a sign from the Universe that it was meant to be. Awesome glasses be mine!

After scouting through their collection a few times I decided that I'd go for something a little more "out there". A statement pair as it were, for those days I feel like being a little fancier (which turns out to be quite a lot of the time actually).

It was a really close call as there are so many gorgeous frames to choose from, but in the end I couldn't resist the BABS style. A nod to the style worn by Marilyn Munroe but with a gorgeous gold inlay across the top to show off the curve of the frame. I think they're perfect.

All frames are £79, come with a gorgeous glasses case, cleaning cloth and free scratch resistant and anti-reflective lenses. £79 for a pair of sturdy and quirky frames? Bargain. If you are worried about shopping online don't be, shipping to the UK is free and if you don't like your frames, or they don't fit snug like a bug, MyOptique will happily exchange or refund your purchase! Takes the edge off huh?

In order to perk this blog up on this wet and rainy Thursday, MyOptique are offering one Our Little Balham Life reader a pair of London Retro frames of their own!!

If you're like me and have terrible eye sight you can have them to fit any prescription, or if you would rather have them without a prescription or as glasses that's totally fine too.

In order to win, comment below which London Retro frames you would love to win, then head over to over to MyOptique’s Facebook page, ‘Like’ and pop a comment on their FB wall saying "Our Little Balham Life's giveaway!".

I'll choose a winner a week from today and will announce it here at the bottom of the post and via my twitter and facebook page.

One last thing before I go... wanna see a picture of the glasses in all their glory AND me and my sister looking super sexy at the same time?

Well today is your day...

Thanks Dad for making us face and look straight into the sun for these pictures. Turned out great huh?

And the winner of this gorgeous MyOptique giveaway, chosen by the super handy is Harriet Venn, congratulations!
I will be in contact via email :)

Feeling inspired.

8 January 2014

I feel most inspired and at peace when i'm actively looking after myself.
(And by 'looking after myself' I don't mean styling my hair, getting regular waxes and putting my slap on every day, even though that stuff is super nice)
What i'm talking about here is sacred self care.
Finding what really nourishes me on a soul level and doing that.
The last few weeks have been a total struggle. Lots of change, lots of the unknown and lots of 'stuff' to schedule in and sort out. All of this was making it difficult for me to feel that I was doing a lot what I love; practise yoga, read, meditate, write, eat healthy food and spend time with my boys.
So yesterday after waking up feeling like a wound up ball of string I decided to go about my day creating moments to feel nourished.
  • I wore my comfy leggings to work.
  • I took my warm water and lemon drink to take on the tube with me in a cute little flask.
  • I spent 10 minutes on my lunch meditating (much needed after talking to estate agents all morning )
  • I spent 30 minutes of my lunch reading a book ready for my teacher training next month.
  • I booked in a yoga class for the evening and gave my new yoga clothes and awesome mat bag for a spin.
  • I prepared a chocolate chia pudding as a treat after my yoga class.
All little things yes, but when I went to bed last night I felt more rested that I had been in weeks.

My yoga class gave me the opportunity to breathe and to let all of the other little self-care acts integrate. Stepping on my mat gave me the opportunity to bring myself fully to the present moment and to let all the thoughts of the future/flat hunting/job hunting/ego slide away.

That's the thing about yoga, its undeniably grounding.

I suppose what I am trying to say is...
Find what makes you feel nourished and inspired and do more of that. And remember that sometimes it's the smallest actions that can make the biggest difference.

Lesson learnt.

7 January 2014

This picture has nothing to do with this blog post but everything to do with being beautiful. When you read the blog post you will understand why.
Let's start from the beginning yeah? For Christmas my Mum bought Ben and I a set of super duper chef's knives. I suppose after she had listened to us complaining about our shitty and very cheap IKEA knives for the past two years she decided that it was about time that we got ourselves some "proper" ones.
These knives are so cool. Bright yellow. Who wouldn't want bright yellow knives? We keep things classy and vibrant around these parts.
Cooking these past few weeks has been a total dream...easy, quick and none of that resorting to chopping up Turkey breasts with scissors. Those were sorry times.
Anyway, there I am, standing in the kitchen last night, dancing away to some of our designated "cooking tunes" and I start remarking about how much I "luuuuuurve our sharp knives" and "how quick I am chopping this! And with such easssseee" , when I discovered just how sharp they were.
Sliced my thumb up.
Didn't even feel it because it was THAT quick. The knives were THAT sharp.
A few swear words and 17 plasters later it had finally stopped bleeding.
Lesson learnt.

Dreaming of Amsterdam

6 January 2014

Words really can't begin to describe how much I loved our trip to Amsterdam last summer. The sunshine, the architecture, our hotel, the coffeeshops, the bars, the clubs, the dates, the booze, the ice-cream, the food, the was all just so damn perfect.

I've requested a weekend away in Amsterdam this year too.
Bring it on.