My Juice Cleanse with Jack Beanstalk Balham

21 October 2014

A few weeks ago I embarked on a 3 day juice cleanse with the charming Jack from Jackbeanstalk Juice in Balham (that's him up there making our morning shots!) and my bestie Claire from the Healthy Blue Bird.

Now, before I say anything else I must confess... I ate some food whilst I was on the cleanse (a salad for lunch on all three days) but this was only because I have very low blood pressure and was feeling dizzy before I even started - I needed to get some salt into my system!

Aside from the fact that I cheated a little I had a great experience. 

So...what's the point of a juice cleanse anyway??

I like to think of it as a sort of holiday for your digestive system. Your system works hard to digest solid food day in and day out and giving it a break by juicing enables it to rest. A juicing cleanse is also a great way to get rid of toxin build up in the body.

Day 1 of my cleanse was TOUGH. Real tough. No bullshit here. 

The day started off with a shot of apple and ginger (see above!) followed by a shot of wheatgrass. I was handed a giant litre of green juice for the day and set on my way. As soon as I got to work I had half of the green juice and got on with the mammoth to-do list. At lunch I had a salted green salad and then about 3.30pm I finished the rest of the green juice. 

The thing I noticed the most all day? The pounding headache and then the lack of bloat. I text Claire for a little support as the headache was getting the best of me. Her advice? "That's toxin release. Don't worry. I completely understand. You are doing really well. Keep going, you're doing amazing things for your body."
That was all I needed, I vowed that I would not be taken down by this headache!
(You can read about Claire's experience with her juice cleanse here)

On my way home I popped by the juice stall again and picked up the second litre of insanely fresh juice for the evening. Sitting there next to Ben eating a delish dinner was so tough! But I persisted and finished every last drop.

Day 2 and 3 were pretty much the same as the first except the headache was gone. I had more and more energy and less and less bloat. Winning combo if you ask me. 

The hardest parts for me on day 2 and 3 were resisting the delicious smell of fresh croissants as I walked past Pret in the morning and Ben doing his hardest to make me stray with chocolate treats in the evening!!  

At the end of the 3 days my skin was clearer, my tummy was completely flat and my energy levels were up. I felt so good and Im even planning my next juice cleanse at the moment. The darker mornings and evenings are meaning that I need some more sunshine in my life! 

The quality of the juices was incredible. Jack uses only the best and freshest produce in his juices and you can tell this straight away when you drink them. Liquid nourishment! 

The passion that Jack and Claire have for JackBeanstalk is infectious. They have teamed together and have started a Crowdfunder to get a permanent juice bar up and running in Balham. You can watch their video below and get involved by pledging here....lots of AWESOME goodies to be gained! 


  1. I think I need to do one of these... x

  2. i'm starting a juice cleanse in the next week or two alongside a parasite cleanse. I'm hoping that because I don't drink much caffeine anyway I'll skip the headache part. Luckily I have a friend doing it with me which I think will be all I need to get me through it !! Btw your complexion is amazing ! I don't know if you always had amazing skin or if it's because of your healthy lifestyle but I'm v jealous :)

  3. I love chamomile tea. Green supplements are considered by many to be the best tasting energy drinks on the market. It’s probably because they have added ingredients like mango to help smooth out the taste.


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