Feeling the Magic // My Honest journey back into Self Care

9 October 2014

Let's start with a confession... 
I haven't been putting my sacred self care at the top of my list these last few weeks months and I am feeling it on the MAJOR right now. I've let things slide that are important to me. My yoga practice. My meditation practice. My journaling. My blog. All these things that I totally and utterly LOVE doing have become something that I do weekly and not daily. And at the end of the day I can go on and on about why this has happened and play the victim card but there's no excuse for it. Not really. The simple fact of the matter is that I've been putting my focus and energy into my job and not been managing my energy properly so that I can do all of these things alongside that. 
Overwhelmed and exhausted would best describe how i'm feeling right about now. 

So tonight I went out onto my little balcony and looked up at the Moon. Three times. 

Wanna know why??

Because when I look up at the Moon in the night sky I can't help but remember that I'm part of something so magnificent and expansive that everything else falls away. Taking a deep breathe and contemplating the Universe I can hear the voice of my Higher Self. The part of me that knows that everything will be exactly as it is supposed to be. The part of me that simply is

Being present with this energy is what keeps pulling me out of the fuzziness. 

I am not my thoughts. 
I am not my body. 
I am not my problems. 
I am not my past. 
I am not my future. 

I simply AM. 

Being gentle with myself when I'm feeling like this is key. Choosing LOVE over FEAR in every moment. After all, berating myself for not being on top of things is hardly going to inspire me to pick up my Sacred Self Care Rituals is it?? 

Building up my own trust with myself through kindness, compassion and a gentle touch is what will propel me forward. 

Living my WHY - to inspire trust and love - is my daily Prayer.


  1. Beautiful words Nicky xx

  2. beautiful. have you ever read eat pray love? If you haven't I get the feeling you'd enjoy it :)


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