The perks of having a grotty cold

18 September 2014

One aspect of my Sacred Self Care practice is that I always make a concerted effort to see the silver lining in everything that happens in my life. The gift in the struggle, the lessons that I need to learn when things are tough, the growth that comes from resistance... you know the stuff, the hard stuff, where the magic happens. And this morning I realised that after a sleepless night thanks to my grotty cold, that this was no exception. So I present to you the perks of having a grotty cold.

Vicks VapoRub makes for a great cheek highlighter. Wanting glowy skin? Reach for Vicks. Make sure not too much on or put it too high up on your cheekbones though, getting the vapor too close to your eyes is a bitch. Trust me.

Wearing zilch make-up for two days is liberating and allows your skin to do it's thing...breathe free with no junk on it.

Meditating whilst not being able to breathe through my nose has been the perfect way to grow my practice.  Witnessing the resistance crop up was a mirror to the other areas of my life I give up all too soon. Honoring the commitment that I made to myself feels expansive and juicy good.

Being unable to do even the simplest of inversions (Downward Facing Dog) and feeling like I need a good stretch i've had to improvise. Yoga in bed to the rescue. I think this might be one of my favourite things. Watch this space soon for some of my favourite bed yoga poses.

Getting to read more of I AM PILGRIM than I usually would. So far it's bloody awesome.

Now of course this all runs much deeper than having nice glowy cheeks and spending a few days in bed. It's about tuning in and giving my body what it really needs when it's feeling run down. It's about giving my body love and attention, giving it time space to heal. After all, our bodies are precious things.


  1. Wish you better! Know exactly what you mean about these days haha x

  2. Hope you're feeling better! I love that you look at the positives of being ill!

    Cat from Outside, Beauty, Inside Health

  3. I hope you're feeling better lovely lady! <3 xx


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