Radiating gratitude..

25 September 2014

For the most invigorating, explorative and juicy yoga class I’ve had in ages.  For Craig, our teacher, guiding me to get out of my head and into my wobbly and tense body. I floated home and had SO MUCH FUN. 

For choosing kindness towards myself as my intention to the practice and fulfilling my intention. Especially after such a flap filled weekend. 

For Ben being a sweetheart and having dinner ready for us when I got home. Pie and mash is always a winner. 

For Dairy Milk Bubbles with White Chocolate. Because it’s bloody delicious. 

For being assisted up into my first ever forearm stand this evening!

For breathing big and deep in Pigeon pose and receiving an AMAZING assist which meant that my expression of the pose was the deepest I’ve ever experienced

For meditating on feeling GOLDEN.   

For having a fluff ball that makes me smile every single bloody day. Goblin is definitely the cheekiest Goblin out there! 

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