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10 September 2014

This article - an inspiring and insightful take on the Wisdom of Uncertainty.

The Wonders of the Universe. This program has been blowing my mind over the past few days. Over the last few weeks I've become increasingly interested in learning more about where we come from...the Stars, the Solar System, the Universe, the Moon. The vastness of the Universe makes me feel secure, safe, powerful.
Also... Brian Cox...making science sexxxxyyy.

This project.

My facial skin care regime is solely consisting of Liz Earle goodies now. Their Cleanse & Polish? Life changing.

This article. 
"I’m wondering what might be different in our lives if we prayed for the space in our lives to be human."
Oh Mara. You gem.

Booking myself onto some of the upcoming The Expression Sessions run by Claire Arnott. Abstract Watercolour Painting? Yes please!

Day dreaming about living here, getting married in this and meditating here.

Looking forward to this launch.

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  1. The article on wisdom of uncertainty is really amazing.Thanks for the link. Thanks.


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