Grateful for...

14 August 2014

The beautiful couple of weekends that I've had away lately. That picture up there? Cornwall last weekend. Stunning.

The clarity that my meditation practice gave me this evening. I've started the Headspace journey from scratch to get back on track with my practice and compassion is what's seeing me through.

Sitting here watching 'Thanks for Sharing' with Goblin snuggled on my lap. |'ve missed him so much whilst we were away.

The excitement I'm feeling about seeing all my friends this Saturday night for my Birthday Drinks.

Having lovely pretty toes thanks to my sister and her UV lamp.

This article. Love love love.

My new water glass with giraffe's all over it.

Noticing and accepting that it's totally okay to feel sad and that it's not because I am a bad person or that I am a failure. I am love. That's all there is to say.


  1. Submerged in stunning scenes, you had wonderful outing. Really nice scene.

  2. Beautiful post. Sometimes you need to remind yourself of the simple things, I know I need to take a moment to just find some clarity in my own life xxx

  3. Ooh I gave Headspace a go, but fell asleep! Need to try it again properly. And that photo! Gorgeous!

    - Lorna at Scared Toast x

  4. i just started Headspace to deal with my anxiety. i am really loving it so for. and what a beautiful place to spend some weekends.

  5. I really want to start meditation when I get back from my hols and also regular yoga. I may need your guidance :/

    Ooh and happy upcoming birthday. I hope it's a fabulous one :) xx

  6. This picture is amazing! I love the ocean so much and I miss it a lot. Love this post. Hope you're doing well and that you had a very happy birthday! :)

  7. Amazing pictures;ocean sides and blue skies. Thanks.


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