Thinking / Realising / Wearing...blah blah..

17 July 2014

Thinking that Goblin is all kinds of adorable at the moment. Sitting on the poster of 'how to pet a kitty'? Adorable. Goblin sitting on my lap and the laptop at the same time whilst I am trying to blog? Adorable. Goblin following me around like a little lost kitty all the time? Adorable.

Realising I am a crazy cat lady. Entirely.

Wearing my comfiest little shorts and my fluoro Darth Vadar Tee. Cause this heat... geesh.

Considering taking some rather strong painkillers for this stonking headache.

Ignoring the urge to go to bed already. Let's be honest, half 7 is just too early.. even for me!

Anticipating this weekend is going to be full of joy and love.

Honouring my self care routine this week much better than I have in a long while. It feels good.


  1. Goblin is the cutest kitty in the whole world! <3

  2. Goblin is so cute! xx



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