Things i'm LOVING lately...

16 July 2014

- Spending my lunch times out on Soho Square getting my fix of Vitamin D. 

- My new Liz Earle skincare routine. Face and body. After months of my skin being entirely shit and full of grossness I've made the switch to something that is soothing and healing. 

- Jam doughnuts. 

- Drugstore budget make-up. A £2.50 mascara by 17 surprisingly delivers.

- Drying our clothes outside on our balcony.

- Reminding myself of my WHY before teaching yoga.

- Cutting all my hair off. Feels gooooood.

- Seeing my sister last night and having tonnes of cuddles.

- Having Goblin come for cuddles every single morning, smooshing his face up against mine.

- Having brought two Christmas presents this week. I know, gross right.

- Being challenged every day in my job.

- Ignoring my "shoulds" and just doing what I "feel" like doing.


  1. You cut all your hair off !?! Picture please !! I used to use Liz Earle and really liked it. The hot cloth cleanser and my absolute favourite was the Superskin Concentrate Oil (but mighty expensive). I now use a really similar cleanser by Green People which is vegan but works in exactly the same way and it's so unbelievably balancing. Yay for skin care products that actually work !! :)

  2. I bet your hair looks amazing!! <3


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