The Wellness Series // What does wellbeing mean to you??

17 July 2014

This post was originally posted over here on the wonderful Wellmeaningbeing blog written by the gorgeous Liz. I thought I'd share it over here too to keep the dialogue going...

"What does wellbeing mean to you?"

These are the words that come to mind when I think of wellbeing.

To me, wellbeing means that I choose love over fear whenever I have a decision to make (and there are always a lot of decisions to be made!). Choosing love is choosing what empowers me and makes me feel good and strong.

To me, wellbeing means that I trust that the Universe is supporting me. That I am loved, perfect and exactly how I am meant to be. Everything is a lesson and the present moment is where I find joy and happiness. I trust wholeheartedly in the Universe.

To me, wellbeing means that I choose compassion towards myself equally when things are very good and when they are not so good. After all...choosing compassion and kindness for my body when it is unwell or struggling is how I help myself heal and how I listen to what my body is trying to tell me.

To me, wellbeing means that I am brave when I step out into the unknown. Stepping into the unknown is where the magic is, where the transformation is, where the sparkle in me reside

My wellbeing is not a tangible thing that I can sit down every day for 20 minutes and work on. It's a constant practice. Something I come back to in every moment. And this is what makes it magic. Because it is always in me and always something I always have access to.

Tell me... what does wellmeaning mean to you???

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