Grateful for..

1 July 2014

Today I am wildly grateful for.. 
  • Having to type this at a rather awkward angle because Goblin is sprawled out on me sleeping away.
  • Picking up this incredible book to read on my commute. There were a few tears on the tube home tonight. If you haven't already... read that book.  
  • Remembering to breathe deeper at a few points today and it helping considerably.
  • Having a surreal moment of 'wow...look how far I have come' at work today.
  • Making a delicious cherry and raspberry based green smoothie this morning giving me energy right up until lunch. 
  • Spending my lunch with Ben today and feeling really familiar with Soho. 
  • Sleepy tea. 
  • Realising that maybe right now I need to be tested, pushed, challenged and stretched. I sent out the Prayer and Intention in February that I wanted those things and all the Universe is doing is delivering and seeing what I am made of. 
  • Shutting down the computer now and giving myself a refreshing and relaxing Light Bath to send me off to sleep. 

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  1. Love this! Keep breathing deep and doing fabulously! x


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