Sunday schmooze...

30 June 2014

As Sunday's go..yesterday was one of my favourite's so far.
It started slowly, with snuggles in bed and breakfast out on the balcony.

Breakfast involved a big pot of tea and sausage sandwiches. We sat out there for ages, chatting away and discussing just how much we love our little home and our little outdoor space. 

We even invited Goblin out for some sunshine and snuggles! Being a rather precious house cat he was pretty nervous and spent about ten minutes sniffing around the door, deciding if he liked the wind in his fur!  

Having him out there with us has made us seriously consider getting him a lead so he can enjoy the balcony in the summer some more. Thoughts? We are only considering this as we are on the fourth floor of our building and would hate to have something happen to him.. being an inside cat he isn't exactly at ease with outside cat behaviours! 

After brekkie I slung on my favourite Sweaty Betty gear and took myself off to yoga with Carly at HPY. We've both been out of action lately and the 60min class that we attended with Jess was divine. Exactly what we both needed. 

Goblin was trying his hardest (as usual) to steal the limelight! 

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing at home, catching up with Grey's Anatomy! 

Hope you had a lovely weekend too??


  1. Gorgeous class and natter with a wonderful human being! Xxx

  2. As if that's your balcony, how jealous am I! It's gorgeous! I'd definitely get his a lead. My cat has FIV so she can't be around other cats or they'll get infected, but she lovely being outside. So I've made a kind of chicken run thing so she can be outside with the breeze on her fur but can't run off, she loves it. I can't get her in half the time. I don't know what I'm going to do when I have to move back to a flat x


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