A Sacred Home Tour & Spark Yoga tease!

16 June 2014

Welcome welcome!
I thought it was about time that I shared with you our little home now it's all finished and ready to be shown off! The last time I shared some snaps of it was way back in January in this post before we had even moved in. We were so grateful that it had been re-painted and freshened up before we arrived so that we had a clean canvas to work with and make it our own.

My love for that fireplace hasn't faltered one tiny bit since we moved in - its still my favourite part of the flat and ever since Ben's mum worked her magic it is looking prettier than ever with those lovely flowers and our lanterns giving a gorgeous glow in the evenings.

Lamp from Ikea / Cushions from Habitat / Desk chair from Ikea / Clock from Heals / Art by Susan Vera Clarke & Kickstarter / Light shade from Morocco

Our bedroom is more of the same eclectic mix of colors, furniture and little memories of our four years together. My favourite things have to be the ladder shelves and our bright yellow side table. I adore the pop of color and the contrast with the rug is just divine. We're looking to paint our big mirror in the bedroom yellow too - I've got a bit of a thing for yellow lately! 

Bed, chest of drawers, cushions, bed covers, rug all from Ikea / Side table from Habitat

This is our entryway (a little obvious I know) in which all the other rooms lead from. On the right, tucked in a random little cove we have another set of ladder shelves here to display the rest of our precious nik-naks! 

The blackboard is from Ikea and we mainly use it to write little notes to each other or inspirational quotes that remind us of the magic in life. Occasionally when we have people over it gets completely full of nonsense, which in my eyes is completely magic too. 

And this room right here is my little sanctuary. My yoga space where I connect in, breathe and relax. I love having a dedicated space to practise yoga and teach yoga. One of my intentions this year was to have a space where I can share my love of yoga and now I finally have that I can make these dreams a reality. My Spark Yoga Website will be up and live at the end of the month (finally - life certainly has been busy) and from then on I will be offering private or small group lessons in this sacred space. Shoot me an email if this is something you are interested in! 

Yoga mat from Yogamatters / meditation stool from TK Maxx / Incense burner similar on amazon


  1. I read this on my phone this morning but I had to come back and look at it properly. Your home is so dreamy, I absolutely love it. It looks so calming and homely. Please tell me there's a secret room full of clutter somewhere so I don't feel so guilty about all the crap in my house? xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  2. Beautifully decorated house, only envy such a style :)

  3. Ahh it looks so homely and perfect! Loving your yoga space too, how exciting to have somewhere like that!! <3

    Jennie xo |

  4. SO exciting about the new website, it's going to be fab! Love the flat, so pretty and so you! x

  5. Nicola!!! I LOVE your little home! It is completely gorgeous and so you. I want to move in :)

  6. Your home is looking beautiful! I love the yellow accents in the living room :)

    Faye |


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