Easter weekend shenanigans..

8 May 2014

And the award for the latest Easter Weekend post goes 

Basically, I had forgotten it was on here and with everything going on I just hadn't had a good look through my posts. Oh well. It's here now if you fancy a read! 

For us, Easter weekend was spent back home in Essex. We packed up our stuff, hired a car and took a little road trip for a bit of time away from the big smoke. 

As you can see, Ben was really happy about having a BABY BLUE car. 
Matchy matchy!!

We spent the weekend chilling out with my Mum, cooking delicious food and exploring some gorgeous little towns nearby. 

Sunday afternoon involved stuffing our faces. But first, let me present Ben's "I'm super hungry face"...

But anyway, back to the point... Afternoon Tea in Dedham was INCREDIBLE. 

Just look at it!!! 

And these are our "oh my, this is bloody delicious" faces...

After our lunch we thought it would be best if we walked (read: waddled) off a little of that cake and tea around the surrounding area. 

I can't explain how amazing it was to have some fresh clean air. It was like hitting the refresh button on my lungs!!

Aren't we adorable. 

It really was just the loveliest weekend. 

Take me back??


  1. Ah, it sounds bloody fantastic. The cream tea and the subsequent walk looks ideal - nothing better than escaping it all is there?! x

  2. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Those cakes are making my hungry! Yum
    Daniella x

  3. your blog is lovely! cant believe I've only just found it <3

  4. It looks like you had an amazing weekend! :) Love all the pictures!

  5. gorgeous photos! It is so good to get out of the city once in while- recharge those batteries! It puts me a better mood. Your tea looks delish!

  6. Looks superb. And that pig !!?? Awwww :)

  7. I'm heading back to Essex soon to see the family and definitely need to get to Dedham for some afternoon tea!
    Faye |


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