A night in with Old El Paso!

20 May 2014

If there's one food that I really love it's Mexican, so when Old El Paso sent me some of their new (and older) favourites to try out with some friends I wasn't ever going to say no!
So last Monday, after being at work all day and feeling knackered (hello learning new job stuff!) I decided that I wanted to make something tasty, easy and quick for Ben, Alex and I. Naturally I went with something familiar from the box of goodies which happened to be the Fajita dinner kit and the Taco dinner kit. Holy moly. What a good choice! 
We all hung out in the kitchen catching up with a drink as I was chopping and cooking away preparing everything. Once it was all cooked I bossed the boys around setting up the table and we all sat down on the floor and munched our way through the entire spread!! No joke. Nothing was left!
One thing I really loved was how lovely it was to have the Roasted Tomato & Pepper Fajita mix rather than the Original Smoky BBQ mix we usually have. They are both lovely but the flavours in the new mix were especially nice.
After eating one enormous fajita I moved onto the tacos. And had 4 of them. After not having tacos for about 3 years I fell back in love with them in a big way. Something about the crunch of the shell and the combination of flavours inside. Oh my. I think we need to get this girl some more taco's. I'm clearly a hungry lady! 
What really stole the show though was the Sweet Corn Relish. None of us had ever tried any of the Old El Paso Relish's before but let me tell you now that you MUST try this one. It went so perfectly with the tacos and the fajitas that we nearly ran out!!
(this picture was taken halfway through the meal!)
A clear winner in the Relish competition. If there ever is such a thing. 
All in all, a fantastic night had with some of the people I love surrounded by some tasty food!


  1. There is definitely something wickedly moreish about're making me hungry...!

  2. Yum! nothing better than a mexican night in! x

  3. That food looks amazing, I absolutely love Mexican food! When I saw the first photo I was eyeing up that sweetcorn relish so I'm glad it was a hit, definitely adding some to my next food shop! xo

  4. Nothing beats a good Mexican. Okay, maybe only the great Italian food :p

  5. I've never had the sweet corn relish! Definitely going to have to get my hands on some...
    Faye |


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