A little update...

6 May 2014

This year is shaping up to be quite something.

I've moved house, trained to be a yoga teacher, set(ting) up my business (Spark Yoga) and changed full time jobs. All this amongst trying to sustain a semblance of a social life on the side, including travelling over the country to see family & friends and scheduling some down time with Ben in our new home. 

All this and it's only May 6th. 

What I'm focusing on at the moment is MANAGING MY ENERGY. Today after work I realised that I haven't been doing this very effectively lately and as I sat there teary eyed and yawning the whole way through dinner I noticed it like a big old slap in the face. This is where the change, the magic, the growth happens in life. In those sticky, challenging moments where I realise maybe I've been choosing fear over love a few too many times and it's about time for me to choose love again. 

Part of this journey is awareness and coming back HOME to myself. And you know what? Sometimes the quickest route to love is through ACCEPTANCE. 

Acceptance and peace for how things are right now, for how my body feels (weak) and for the choices I've made that have contributed to this. 

Acceptance is letting go of the fight and this evening I've been noticing how it feels to let go of that constricting fight. It feels good. 

Like I'm coming home. 


  1. Talk about a power year and we're not even halfway through yet! This is definitely your year lovely. Hope your new job is going just swell :) xo

  2. I've been feeling properly anxious during and after the move and my dad just said I need to accept my new surroundings and my anxiety as inevitable, since he said that I've been so much better, calmer and settled. This year has been so strong for you! I'm proud! x

  3. Well done on all your achievements this year. Life has also been changing a lot for me this year and I find myself acting out in self destructive ways because I don't know how to cope with it all as there is a lot of uncertainty about the future too. I've been thinking about starting meditation in the hope it might get my mind to focus and get me focused on what direction I want to head in etc. I think I already know, but it's that bitch voice that tells me I can't do it that makes it difficult to focus fully on things. So excited about your new business !! eep

  4. I know exactly what you feel like. Acceptance - I need to work on that, too. I'm sure it would do me good right now. Thank you for another inspiring post, Nic! xx

  5. I am excited for you! What wonderful things are unfolding, it makes me smile big thinking of you teaching in your Spark Yoga studio.

    I know what you mean about managing our energy. I'm also rolling along and preparing for new plans for next year and I can lose sight of my self-care in all the excitement plus taking care of daily life.


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