Self-care, love & a givaway for the OM Yoga Show!!

3 April 2014

"All love has to start with yourself."

Learning to love yourself is brave. It runs deep. It takes trust, compassion and awareness.
Bringing love into my life looks different on a day to day basis.
Here are some of the things that I'm doing at the moment that bring more love into my life.

It reminds me of who I really am; powerful, loved, imperfect, abundant + strong.

Showing up.
Even when and especially when, its hard. Showing on my mat, even if it's just for 5 minutes a day is an act of bravery in knowing that I may come up against those dark parts of myself. Accepting these parts has everything to do with love.

Breathing properly.
Using my neti-pot, meditating and doing alternate nostril breathing has enabled me to be incredibly connected to my body this year. These things take commitment and practise but the pay off is huge. I can literally breathe my way through so much more these days.

Being selfish.
I declared this year that it's not selfish to make sure that my basic needs are being met - and then some. This is what I need to thrive. I listen in to what my body and soul needs to feel inspired and trusting and then I go do that. Learning to say no is taking some practise but I will get there.

Having responsibility.
It's my responsibility to take care of the one body that I have in this life. Sometimes this means eating clean, sometimes it means going to yoga every day for 60mins. But also it sometimes means having a glass of wine and chocolate to celebrate good news and sometimes it means only 5 minutes of yoga just before bed. Listening in means that I'm bringing awareness. Bringing awareness is taking responsibility. Awareness that EASE is the primary feeling.

These words by Mara sum up my feelings about this perfectly.
"In caring for myself and for my body, I am showing myself, again and again, that I am worthy of love and care."

Being open.
This is the biggie. I'm so incredibly lucky that I have an amazing support system of people that I can completely be myself with and that I can lean on for support, guidance and love. Being my true self, no mask, no bullshit is the truest way that I show love to myself.

As you must all know by now, I'm a yoga teacher, I love yoga (state the obvious Nicola - geesh!) and yoga's something that I love to share with people. I'm delighted that I have two pairs of weekend tickets for the Manchester OM Yoga Show in May to giveaway today!!

Enter via the rafflecopter widget below and hopefully see you there!

The Manchester OM Yoga Show is the perfect introduction to the ancient Indian practice of yoga, which is renowned for relaxing the body and de-stressing the mind, the perfect counter to today’s modern world.

Come see over 100 exhibitors showcasing the best yoga, Pilates, complementary therapies plus a fantastic range of yoga accessories, clothing, jewellery, super foods, holidays plus lots more.

This year we are offering all our visitors to the OM Yoga Show the chance to visit the Mind Body Soul Experience at no extra charge. The Mind Body Soul Experience covers complementary health, spiritual awareness and personal development and it is the largest show of its type in the UK.

The show takes place at Manchester Central from 10 – 11 May 2014.

Highlights of the OM Yoga Show this year include:
- Over 40 free yoga sessions over the weekend
- YogaMonkey Swing Area
- Yoga Disco!
- Top Yoga presenters including Bee Bosnack, Andrea Everingham, Nicky McGinty and Yogi Ashokananda.
- HotPod Yoga sessions

Fancy coming?!"

Disclaimer: The awesome people at Om Yoga Magazine have given me a free online subscription in return for me occasionally sharing articles in the magazine here on Our Little Balham Life. This article was inspired by an article I read in the magazine. I buy the magazine every month anyway so was pretty darn delighted to be asked and as a bonus I get to giveaway tickets to you lovely people!!


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  2. This looks like a lovely weekend! and India! :)

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