4 April 2014

For my yoga studio. It's small but it's sacred.

For Ben for allowing me to have the second room as my yoga studio instead of the 'games room' he had been (not so secretly) planning.

For the new job that I start at the beginning of May. This year is proving to be BIG. Big job, big yoga plans, playing big in all areas of my life. Just like I hoped for.

For naked yoga tomorrow with my best friend. Thank goodness for home studios and friends that I trust enough to explore this type of thing with. Next up? This.

For yoga choco tea.

For Friday afternoon chats with Sylwia. For London grumblr making us laugh.

For booking the venue for my first yoga class in South London next Wednesday. Told ya, big year.

For having my heart cracked WIDE OPEN last night whilst watching Gabby's lecture (here) and doing this Kundalini meditation. More on that another time. Still processing.

For not getting upset that this space seems to be changing.
I've had a few moments of anxiety lately when I think that I should be blogging a certain way here, like I used to (more random stuff, more silliness, more moaning). But then I made the choice that instead I'm going with what I feel drawn to write, not what I think I 'should' be writing.

For Ben and his tipsy drunken ramblings at 2.30am.
At the time, half asleep, listening to him go on, well I gotta be honest...I wanted to punch him in the face. Isn't hindsight a wonderful thing.

Happy Friday.


  1. I love the little (and unexpected) gratitudes that show up in life. The things that at first seem like nothing or even an irritation, for really they are the biggest things. Let me know how you find the dancing Tao, I've always wanted to give ecstatic dance a go but just haven't yet. I'm also gonna give that meditation a go, love a good dose of kundalini! Biiiiiiig love your way xo

  2. I love how everything is coming together for you this year, there is such a sense of happiness coming through in this post, it really made me smile. I'm still reading all your posts (just commenting less.) What's the new job? xx

  3. Naked yoga?! Goodness me. Bet it would be brilliant though, I might give it a go myself (though alone, and in the privacy of my bedroom)!! I love the drunken ramblings of loved ones too- my boyfriend sent me the cutest drunk text on Friday night, and it's still making me smile two days later!

    Alice xx | The Cup and Saucer

  4. wow naked yoga !? hmmm not sure if I'll come to that class (haha) and just a question from your previous post... are you pregnant ? what ? or was that part of the dream too ? just. a bit. weirded. out. i think. you are. really. pregnant....... you are aren't you?

  5. I love this sort of post! And naked yoga sounds VERY interesting... make sure you report back x


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