A family weekend!

30 April 2014

Last weekend was spent with my family.
My crazy, wonderful, bonkers family.
Friday night was spent in the company of these three candyfloss fiends at McBusted.
The concert was hilarious and I literally nearly cried when they played Star Girl. (I always have one moment at EVERY concert that I cry. always.) I always liked McFly and Busted but if i'm being honest, the only reason I went to the concert was to see them perform that song. It brought back lots of memories of laughing and dancing in the car with Mum and Tash along to the Chris Moyles Show and I've probably watched  this video far too much since Friday. If you're a Chris Moyles fan you will understand the link. If not, well....we can't be friends.
Saturday morning was spent lazing around in bed, catching up with my sister and having family cuddles. A great start to the day in my opinion! Once we were all up, dressed and full of coffee we took a cheeky trip to Bodeans for lunch and I indulged in a Kraken Rum cocktail whilst Tash enjoyed a Maple Syrup twist on an Old Fashioned. They definitely hit the spot.
It was all quite a civilised affair. Until this happened.
And she claims that she's the smart one.
Sure thing Tash. Sure thing.
After lunch we caught the tube up to London Bridge and took a nice stroll to Fenchurch Street, pausing for a few typical tourist pictures.
We have much to learn.
This was take 64.
After some time, a few stern words from Ben and many shots later we managed this one.
Which I actually really love.
Go Team Purkins Girls!
Saturday evening was spent at the Romford Dogs; drinking, eating and betting the night away for my Grandad's 70th Birthday.
As you can imagine, I'm not that good at betting so I won fuck all.
But that's why we had wine.
Sunday was spent cleaning (yay), running errands, watching this and cooking up a HelloFresh storm.
What a perfect weekend.
One last picture... because I think it sums us right up. Happy Hump Day!!!

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  1. Oh my god you and your sister are like twins! So cute. Also, I obviously have that cup too! Love it! x


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